Unemployment Down; Food Stamps Up – This Does NOT Compute



We learned this week that unemployment – as calculated by a government that would do most anything to convince us that we’re in the midst of a great economic recovery – went down to 7.5%.  By comparison, that’s great news, but that same government forgot to tell us:

1)   Over 50 Million Americans (16% of the total population) is living in poverty and totally dependent on welfare programs just to survive.  And that number is going up – not down.

2)   48 Million Americans (15% of the total population) depend on food stamps; otherwise they’d face starvation.  And that number is going up – not down.

3)   My State has a population of only 626,395.  But 102,306 of us are collecting food stamps and are obviously not earning enough to survive without them.  And that number is going up – not down.

It’s interesting to note that our unemployment is pegged at 16,545 or 4.5% – well below the national average – but we have over six times that many people on food stamps.  And that number is going up – not down.  Something is seriously wrong with that picture.  If only 4.5% are unemployed, why are six times that total on welfare?

4)   Every man, woman and child in this State owes the State Government alone, $7,716.00.  That’s just $30,864 for a family of four.

5)   This State government is totally (and I mean TOTALLY) controlled by Democrats, and has been for many years.

Their answer to bringing our economy under control?  Raising 18 Billion dollars in new taxes to continue funding their socialist agenda.  They even seriously considered taxing charities this year!

One example of sheer stupidity:  A few years back, we were all told to save the nation’s supply of gasoline.  Car pool.  Us public transportation.  Ride a bike.  Walk.  Do anything to save gasoline.

This year that same government says “We aren’t selling enough gasoline and the taxes we used to get on fuel has dried up.  We need to raise that tax”.  And they did.  This past Wednesday, the price of gasoline jumped another 6% in a State that couldn’t afford the price of fuel to begin with and certainly won’t be able to afford it now.  

And we haven’t even touched the cost of this State’s public healthcare program.  Some are predicting that the startup costs of that program alone will be triple what we were told just two years ago.  And we’re talking many millions of dollars on this one program.

You could probably guess the government that’s doing all of this good work is controlled by Democrats.  Tax and spend.  It’s what they do.

So enjoy the lower federal unemployment number.  It seems rather meaningless out here in the sticks, where people are seriously hurting.