Unite the Right Rep Explains “What Really Happened” in Charlottesville


I don’t have the same views as this spokesman for Unite the Right when it comes to the neo-Nazis, but it’s a different take on what happened in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right rally Saturday.

This man makes his points well though we don’t agree with his ideas.

He addresses one thing I have personally seen, the far-left can do anything they want at these protests and they do. The media goes around looking for the one person on the right with the racist sign or other offensive sign while they ignore the communist signs of the left.

When did communism go mainstream?

He believes conservatives and libertarians are toothless for not wanting to unite the right.

Warning, he uses vulgar language.



  1. YOU HAVE A POTTY MOUTH, even through your information was good, you could have presented a much better case and been more credible by using proper language. (I know you younger people use the “f” word like it’s no big deal, but it turns old people off; and if you think that your message is important you should CLEAN IT UP because you’re missing a big segment of the population – they will TURN IT OFF. As a matter of fact, I turned it off, got tired of your “f” word). “Gas chambers” – LOL.

  2. I would have respected your article more if you woild have left out the typical “fear of being labeled a racist our whatever cutesy attack terms” liberals use. A lawfully assembled group was openly attacked and their constitutional right crushed by the ILLEGAL acts of others. Stand up for the facts regardless of what you think of the actors involved.

  3. This incident reeks of a setup. It makes me wonder just how far the setup went. Did it start right with the ACLU advocating for the Unite the Right to make it all happen?

  4. From what I saw Fox did not say that the leftists had no permit. They did not, the rightists did. The dialog is controlled.

  5. The foul language notwithstanding – this guy has it absolutely right about the leftist liberal groups getting a free pass when their marches lead to rioting, looting, and setting fires. The marchers in Charlottesville had a permit and the First Amendment right to march, and they were peaceful. It was outsiders who started the riot and a man from Ohio who rammed his car into the crowd. We may not agree with what this group stands for, but as soon as you deny one group their First Amendment rights, your group might be next!

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