University of Texas: ‘Long Live the Intifada’


University of Texas at Austin activists charged into a class to disrupt an Israel studies professor, chanting “long live the Intifada.” The Intifada is the Palestinian uprising against Israel and it’s often violent.

They were waving Palestinian flags shouting anti-Israel epithets.

Professor Ami Pedahzur and military historian Dr. Gil-Li Vardi tried to teach the class and asked the students to “sit down” and “learn something” but they didn’t. They kept filming with their cellphones.

It happened Friday right before Paris was attacked.

Professor Pedazhur
Professor Pedahzur

Professor Pedahzur is the founding director of the Institute of Israel Studies and is a target.

The protesters insisted the professor was violent. He allegedly pressed his body against a protester (PSC member) and went nose-to-nose with him.

Those who saw the video said the students were the aggressors. Big surprise.

Professor Pedazhur has been maligned and has received death threats.

Do you recognize the United States?

This protest is showing up on radical Palestinian websites like Fallastin News Palestine. The website claimed the professor was a liar. The ringleaders were quoted on the site saying that students feel unsafe on a campus where a professor can “intimidate and assault students without repercussions” and then defame them on an institutional website.

The protesters who disrupted the professor’s class are claiming he violated their civil rights.

They want him fired. What else is new?

As you might have guessed, the far-left has engaged in very visible protests on every left-wint issue.

They went into his class to cause trouble and make accusations. Will the university cave? Will someone kill this professor? Will anyone care?



  1. We’re past the point of leaving it in the hands of the universities. Texas, and Missouri, and a lot more, are public schools. It is time for the legislatures and the boards of education and the governors to step up and put a stop to this crap. Taxpayers fund these schools and they belong to the people, not the riffraff. Gov. Abbott, time to lower the boom.

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