Unless Naked, Cellphone Photos Up Women’s Skirts Are Legal in Massachusetts


Peeping pervs

Unless you are naked or almost naked, it is legal for a person to take cellphone photos up women’s skirts riding in the Boston subway, so says the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Massachusetts highest court.

Michael Robertson, a peeping perv, was arrested by transit police in 2010 after they received reports that he was taking cellphone photos and videos up women riders’ skirts and dresses. Apparently, what he is doing is legal in Massachusetts.

All hope is not lost for Massachusetts, the legislators have sworn to update laws to ensnare these creeps. The way the law is written now, it only covers peeping pervs in dressing rooms and bathrooms when people are nude or partially nude. Clothed people are not protected.

They couldn’t find something to charge him with? Really?

How about invasion of privacy? Sexual harassment? Something?

Apparently the conduct is becoming more prevalent. What a surprise! Why not? It’s legal after all.

If you’re a peeping perv, Massachusetts is the place for you. 

Full story at USA Today