Update on Sailor Whose Bunk Was Vandalized with Racial Slurs Because He’s Black


Marquie Little, 27, an African-American aviation boatswain’s mate airman aboard the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush claimed in a Facebook post that one of his shipmates had vandalized his sleeping area with the word ‘n*****’ and trashing it.

That was November 15th and it was shared tens of thousands of times. ‘I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,’ the NavyTimes.com reported.

He posted photos of the vandalism.

Even as the Navy found inconsistencies, he claimed he was fearful and would have no reason to fake a racial attack.

As it happens, it was a fake and he lied.

The Navy seaman, who is assigned to the carrier USS George H.W. Bush, has been disciplined and counseled by his unit after officials determined he staged the vandalism of his own bunk with racist graffiti and then posted about it on Facebook, Military.com reports.

NCIS conducted the investigation.


  1. So easy, obviously, to fake this stuff. We need to always be suspect of these claims.

    Do these things ever get claimed by folks on the right? It seems the victims / the left — being that they are always victims — seem to have this ‘happen’ to them fairly regularly.

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