US Company Owns Illegal Immigrant Death Train


h/t GeorgeFuller


Kansas Subsidiary, a U.S. company, owns the Mexican subsidiary Ferrosur which has two trains that leave from two points in Mexico close to our southern border every 8-10 days. The trains then head for our border. This has been the most used form of transportation by illegal aliens to get through Mexico. The trains are known as La Beastia.

Mr. Obama – were he serious about securing the border – would enforce the law against La Beastia.

LaBeastia is known as the “Death Train” in Mexico because of human rights violations the owners have done nothing to stop. Tens of thousands of illegal alien children hitch rides on the trains, too many falling to their deaths. Others are often abused or trafficked.

Mexican prosecutors have filed criminal complaints against the owners as collaborators because of the abuses against migrants on the trains. They charge they are complicit in kidnapping, robbery, human trafficking, murder and extortion.

Security is lax and the trains attract thousands of migrants who jump on the moving train and ride on the roof through low clearance tunnels suffering drastic temperature changes.

It literally is a death train.