US Makes Another Terrifying Friend! This Is Bad, Very Bad!


Pakistan Today is reporting that the US is no longer engaging in counter-terrorism operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan because they’re our PARTNERS in efforts to restore peace according to the US Department of Defense.

The reason we went into Afghanistan was to save the people from the horrible abuses of the Taliban, especially towards women. The people we just fought for 12 years.

“What we’re not doing (is) counter-terrorism operations against the Taliban,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis told a Wednesday evening news briefing in Washington.

“We actually view the Taliban as being an important partner in a peaceful Afghan-led reconciliation process. We are not actively targeting the Taliban,” he added.

In the Great War on Terror (GWOT), we’ve aligned ourselves with all the terror nations in the Middle East. We’re even friends with Cuba.

We have a deal with Iran that has not been signed because the Iranian Mullahs are demanding that the US pay reparations. If there is any way that John Kerry can pay it, he will.

We’re friends with the ruthless Pakistani Taliban because they clear the area of ISIS. The Taliban are every bit the same people. They are vicious, murderous terrorists. The Taliban has sworn allegiance to ISIS. There are no good and bad Taliban. The Taliban are back to take over Afghanistan.

Obama has forced the US into switching sides in the war on terror. We are providing air cover for Iran, supplying arms to terrorists, and we will soon be paying Iran to continue their war on terror. We are even going to make a bad deal with Syria and have offered to make a deal with North Korea.


  1. “The reason we went into Afghanistan was to save the people from the horrible abuses of the Taliban, especially towards women.”

    the way i remember it the neos once again talked the american people into sacrificing their young on the premise that bin laden and his fellow saudi’s were residing in an afghan b and b and their talib landlords refused to evict them. this was how mr. bush phrased the ‘call to arms’ in october 2001:

    “On my orders, the United States military has begun strikes against Al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.”

    two months later mr. laden was disappeared into pakistan, by forces who shall remain nameless, and by 2002 the original taliban were turning over their weapons and welcoming the american backed karzai government. but an easy exit wasn’t our end-game and now, after 14 years of profiteering and afghani and american bloodshed, we’re aligning with a ‘taliban’ that has no relationship with the ‘mujahideen’ margaret thatcher named in a speech to the house of commons just after the soviet invasion in 1980.
    to wit:

    “I was talking about the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and asking against whom the Russians were fighting. I was pointing out that the newspapers called them “rebels”. It is a strange word to me of people who are fighting to defend their own country against a foreign invader. Surely they are genuine freedom fighters, fighting to free their country from an alien oppressor.”

    mr. jefferson built our first transcontinental attack force to discourage the barbary pirates from stealing our lunch money, but stopped short of insisting that the alaouite dynasty declare the king’s english the language of the land; tom was a real smarty.
    just say’n…b

    • True enough but the Democrats and later the Repubs helped sell it on humanitarian grounds. The Afghan War was the ‘good’ war because we would save the women of Afghanistan from the evil Talibani.

      There were people in Iraq and Afghanistan who were grateful and wanted freedom but that wasn’t told often in the media. I’m very sad for them.

      Saddam however kept Iran at bay, evil as he was. Then we got rid of two anti-jihadis in Gaddafi and Mubarek and tried to put the evil Muslim Brotherhood into office, the daddy of all jihadis.

      HW did it the right way. He kicked Saddam out of Kuwait and got out. I want to see them destroy ISIS and get out though ISIS now has it’s own country – it might be too late.

      • “… it might be too late.”

        isis is incapable of forming a caliphate because at it’s core it is barren of the culture and theology that bound muslims together under the successive mesopotamian dynasties; there is no sweetness in it’s song, and it’s power
        can only exist in a vacuum. i agree that at the moment it’s a
        pretty big vacuum, but isis can only hold that geography through brute force;
        abu bakr does not have the hearts and minds of the people.
        as far as pakistan goes; musharraf and the isi have played both sides of the durrand line for so long they don’t know whose backyard their toys are in.
        now that we’ve got their neighbor to the west rolling along as a stable little money-maker it’s no wonder we wouldn’t make use of a regurgitated
        taliban 3.0 to keep the wolves at bay.
        and yes sara, it’s very sad to contemplate the almost non-stop suffering of common afghans over the last fifty years. always in the wrong place at
        the wrong time, that country…b

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