US Marine Jon Hammar Abandoned in Mexican Prison – Update

Jon Hammar
US Marine Jon Hammar

Update: 12:4: Jon Hammar is still chained to his bed despite reports to the contrary.

There are reports that high level discussions are taking place with US officials, demanding Jon’s release but Rep. Ros-Lehtinen does not know if the Mexican president has the guts to release him.

The Mexican president would have to go up against the Zeta cartel to get Jon Hammar out of prison.

Jon’s father spoke with his son briefly this morning and his son said he is concerned about his situation since the story has gone public.

Original Story: A commenter on my first article about US Marine Jon Hammar is a lawyer for a young men who was held in a similar situation. The man, Anton Alferov, was imprisoned for trespassing. He was a US citizen originally from Russia. He was a professional circus athlete who worked in Orlando’s Sea World. He also toured with Cirque du Soleil. In April 2012, he moved to Acapulco, once a favored tourist destination, and opened an acrobatic school. He often gave free lessons to the children.

Anton Alferov

He died on October 29th while in police custody from blunt force trauma. The cause of death is unknown. The police claim he went “crazy” and did it to himself by throwing himself against the bars of the cell. He had no history of mental illness or substance abuse.[CNN]

The point is that Jon Hammar is in imminent danger as he remains jailed in a Mexican prison on a bogus gun charge while State has done little. They did get him removed from the general population of Zeta cartel members into a supply room, isolated from the other prisoners. Up until three days ago, he was chained to a bed. One can only imagine what this 27 year old is going through. He served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD. [Independent Sentinel]

Jon’s father said that Jon is very concerned about the public attention now focused on his case.“He’s just very concerned,” Hammar told the Daily News. “There’s a lot of activity (in the prison) because we’ve gone public,” his father said.

I have posted a petition and links to your Representatives and Senators. Please contact them. It does matter and we can make a difference. Please take the time. Our country must not leave this Marine behind. An online petition is gathering signatures to try and help bring Johnny Hammar home.

  • Click here for more information.
  • Email the White House or fax or call.
  • Scroll down this list to get the phone number of your representative in the House: and call your senators at the number listed here:
  • You should be able to contact the Mexican President  at 1-800-221-9567
  • or at his address,  RESIDENCIA OFICIAL DE LOS PINOS, COL. SAN MIGUEL CHAPULTEPEC, D.F. The website is undergoing construction due to the election of the new President  Enrique Peña Nieto but has further contact information.

If we don’t take action, our government certainly won’t and another American will die as the result.

My US Marine sons traveled to Mexico on vacation when it was still possible to do so and both were arrested while doing nothing but walking around. They were made to give up their funds and were then released.

It has gotten much worse over the last ten years. It is no longer safe as a tourist destination or as even a pass-through and it is right on our border. It is the war we should be more engaged in.

The entire country is cordoned off into areas run by drug cartels, victimizing the innocent people who live there. Our greedy drug culture supports these people.

Interview with Jon Hammar’s lawyer:

Interview with Jon Hammar’s parents: