US Marine Jon Hammar Hospitalized, Traveling Home from Mexican Prison – Update

Jon Hammar
Jon Hammar

Update: 12/24: Jon arrived home this morning, Christmas Eve, and the family said it will be the best Christmas they have ever had.

Update: 12:24: Jon Hammar is out of the hospital. He was suffering from the stomach flu. He is on his way home!

Jon Hammar, traveling back home to Florida from a Mexican prison with his father, has been hospitalized. He is fighting some type of stomach problem but it is not known if that is the reason for the hospitalization. He does have PTSD.

Jon has been eating but was not fed properly in the notorious jail, according to his mother.

He probably should have been hospitalized right away, at least for a complete physical checkup after his ordeal.

People who have not been following this case can search for Jon Hammar’s name on my site for the details.

Briefly, Retired Marine Jon Hammar has been incarcerated in a Mexican prison since August on a bogus gun charge. He is a war hero, having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He suffers from PTSD and was taking a much-needed vacation after rehab for his condition. He was doing well after the 9-month program ended. Jon Hammar is only 27 years old.

His plan was to travel through Mexico to Costa Rico to go surfing and hunting. He suffers from his experiences in the mid-East and is only at peace when he is surfing.

He had his great grandfathers antique rifle with him and he had papers for the gun from the US side of the border when he presented the gun on the Mexican side, requesting permission to take the gun through Mexico. The gun is a bird shot rifle, little more than a BB gun.

He was immediately arrested and sent to the notorious prison run by the brutal Zeta cartel. He was in the general populations and finally removed to a storage room and kept chained most of the time to a soiled bed. He told his parents that they hate Americans which caused his parents great stress. They never knew what he was suffering each day and night.

He was released after extraordinary efforts by Fox News, his parents, lawyers, and some public officials, most notably Rep. Ros-Lethen who worked tirelessly for this release.

While jailed, the cartel extorted money from his parents. He would have eventually been killed. Last year, 120 Americans were murdered in Mexico.