US Media Is An Extension of Hamas Propaganda Machine as War Looms in Gaza


Gaza has lobbed 8000 missiles into Southern Israel in the last three years. This past weekend, another 400 missiles hit Israel, 95 today alone. Israel has exercised restraint but that is not what is being reported.

Israel has a PR problem when dealing with missile attacks by Hamas. Not as many Israelis die as Palestinians because Israel has a missile defense shield – the Iron Dome. In addition, Hamas shoots their missiles off from populated areas and they store their arsenals in schools, causing the deaths of civilians when Israel retaliates. The worldwide media fails to inform their readers that it is the Palestinians who are responsible for these deaths.

This pending war between Israel and Gaza is different from prior wars because of the Arab Spring and the power the Islamists now have in the region. Israel is surrounded by enemies intent on their destruction. The Arab Spring was always about the Islamic Rising. The Islamists easily trampled over the freedom-fighters who believed in the “democracy” movement. Read more at WNYC.

Iran is behind the Hamas attacks. They want Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel so Israel will be unable to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. The IAEA said this past week that Iran has stepped up their nuclear weapons program.

Morsi of Egypt, unlike Mubarek before him, is permitting the smuggling of rockets and other weaponry into Gaza.

Israel has had enough.

Palestinians in Israel prefer living in Israel as opposed to an Islamic Republic but are afraid to speak out. None of this is reflected in the reporting by mainstream media.

Roger Cohen of the NY Times demonized Israel in his article today, Gaza Without End, claiming Israel has not sought peace. In fact, Israel has given land up repeatedly in an attempt to find peace. They pulled their Israeli citizens from Gaza and turned it over to the Palestinians because they hoped it would bring peace. Instead the people voted freely one time, long enough to put Hamas in charge, resulting in the relinquishment of their short-lived freedom.

Anyone who supports Israel is a Zionist according to the Roger Cohens.

Yesterday, the New York Times had a tragic story of families and children who died in Gaza as the result of Israeli counter attacks. The article makes no mention of the fact that Palestinians use their own children as human shields.

In October, the Times reported about the attacks by Gaza but that faint support of Israel seems to be gone now. Israel is apparently not supposed to retaliate.

The msn had an article about the trauma suffered by Gaza’s children living under fire as if Israel was to blame.

Anderson Cooper is in Gaza presenting the Gaza point of view. I find his quite ridiculous. It would be like our reporters going to Iran and presenting their point of view while ignoring ours:

The condemnation of Israel is building and it’s worldwide.

The BBC blaming Israel:

Lest you start pitying Hamas Palestinians, consider what they teach their children:

Peace in our lifetime with this going on? Do you think it possible or something Palestine even wants?