US Missile Defense System Is Back On

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

Alaska and California are to get 14 missile interceptors. Our missile defense system had been left stagnant and will now cost considerably more than it would have if we kept the system going in 2009. We will have to borrow the money from China. Sequester will not affect the missile defense.

The reversal is the result of threats by North Korea to launch a pre-emptive strike against the U.S. North Korea will at some point have a long-range missile that can travel 6,000 miles and will be equipped with a nuclear warhead. Last week, the WH was still talking sanctions. They seem to be getting religion now.

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The Aegis Missile Defense System is being actively tested by our navy. On March 5, Lockheed Martin was awarded a five-year, $100.7 million contract to maintain and upgrade the Aegis combat system.

North Korea spent $1.3 billion on its nuclear program in 2012, enough to feed its entire population for one year. [Fox News] They are serious. Kim Jong Un is not just saber rattling.

North Korea recently declared war on South Korea by not renewing their peace pact. [IndieSentinel]

If we do get nuked it will be because our “ally” China wills it so.

Last year, Colonel Alan West warned us about the threat from Iran. Currently, North Korea has nuclear material they need to sell to keep their weapons program going. Iran will be the first to buy.

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