US Navy ‘Appalls’ a Cherokee Indian and Leftists in the NAACP


USS Jackson1The USS Jackson, a combat ship, has been recently commissioned and the far left is aghast. Can you guess why? Yes, it is named after a city – Jackson, Mississippi – which is named after Andrew Jackson who was a slave owner. Americans must now disavow our historical figures if they owned slaves at a very different time in history and they must disavow cities named after them.

The secretary of the Navy does the naming and receives nominations and suggestions from the Chief of Naval Operations and Naval Historical Center, which takes contributions from service members, veterans and the public.

The ship was commissioned in Mississippi on Saturday and honors Jackson, Mississippi, which the Navy noted in a news release is named for former President Andrew Jackson. The ship is the Navy’s third to bear the seventh president’s name.

It’s not even named after the president, it honors a city!!!

“This is totally appalling,” said Connecticut NAACP President Scot X. Esdaile, who described Jackson as “a big-time slavemaster, pro slavery, the whole nine yards.”

Esdaile continued, “Amazing how we have an African-American president and the U.S. Navy slipped this thing through. I think it should be reconsidered.”

Chuck Hoskin Jr., secretary of state for the Cherokee Nation agreed.

“For our government to hold Andrew Jackson up to some reverence today, given our nation’s better appreciation of American history today than generations ago, is very troubling,” he said. “For the Cherokee people, Andrew Jackson represents the period of Indian removal,” a legacy of “trauma” and the “brutal act” of evicting people from their lands.

This is not normal thinking and most Americans know it. This is worthy of Stalin, not America. Jackson died in 1845!

I have a few words to contribute to these radical leftists,  “get over it” and “shut the hell up”.

Source: CNN


  1. I’m Cherokee and agree Jackson was a brutal man. However, don’t we have more pressing matters in this country worthy of our time and energy? Some people just like to gripe.

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