US Olympic Swimmers Pulled Off Plane — Updates — Feigen Will Pay $10,800 to Get Out of Rio


Update: August 19, 2016: 16:00EST: Ryan Lochte gave a long apology on Instagram. He needs to split that fine with Feigen, maybe all four do. He apologized for his behavior and said it was traumatic being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and are suddenly held at gunpoint. He thanked the USOC, the IOC, the Rio 16 Host Committee and the people of Brazil.

They behaved as if they were on spring break and embarrassed a country already under fire for their crime infestation.

Update: August 19, 2016: Jimmy Feigen will pay $10,800 to get out of Rio. It’s better than serving time in a notorious Brazilian prison. Authorities threatened 1 to 6 months in jail.

These men made a mistake but the cause célèbre over this petty crime and the lie they told about a robbery was extreme by any standards. The facts don’t change — Rio is a disaster as is the entire country. Too many years of socialism and cronyism infecting their government.

The three swimmers have apologized which they needed to do and they shouldn’t have done what they did. It’s a hard lesson to learn but other countries aren’t the USA which is why we need to preserve our nation’s freedoms.

The Brazilian judge issued a search and seizure order over conjecture. Passports were seized because of a petty crime for which they sentence people to three years in jail in that country. The police chief tried them in the press and we still haven’t heard from the swimmers.

If they had said something in way of defense, they could have ended up in a notorious Brazilian prison — the threats facing them were extreme for a lie. They also caused $30 to $50 dollars in damage for which there was no indictment. They had a gun held to their heads at the gas station by an off-duty police officer working as a security guard for what looks like forced payment for the damages.

It’s not the USA and that’s how the rest of the statist world is – not free and unfair. The Olympic Committee apologized for the swimmers and may ban them from further competitions. Their reputations might be ruined as well as any future in swimming with Ryan Lochte having the most to lose.

Remember, the swimmers haven’t given their side of the story or had a trial.

Police announced there was no robbery and they were not held at gunpoint but it’s clear from their own video that they were held at gunpoint in the gas station — that part was true. Oddly, there is three minutes of missing tape.

The media over-reported this petty story and ignored the story about Obama lying. Obama paid a ransom to Iran, circumventing Congress, and told the world we will pay up for kidnapped Americans so kidnap away. The money he paid was in cash and was turned over to the Revolutionary Guards who used their plane to transfer the cash. They have been responsible for the deaths of US soldiers but we are all talking about four drunken young men who vandalized a bathroom with two lying about it.

The breaking news yesterday and today was not about Iran, it was about a petty crime in Brazil by four drunk Americans with a self-righteous police chief acting like it was the crime of the century.

What if we treated them this way?

In the United States, we release illegal alien criminals onto our streets – 19,000 last year alone. Just saying.


Update: August 18, 2016: 10:00 pm EST: Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger are on their way to the airport and will go home tonight. James Feigen is still detained in Venezuela. It is believed he will have to pay a heavy fine and will be allowed to go home.

Update: August 18, 2016: 6:15 pm EST: Indictments have been handed down by Brazilian authorities. James Feigen in particular is in danger.

Ryan Lochte and his fellow U.S. swim team member James Feigen have been indicted by Brazilian authorities for their alleged role in what the athletes said was an armed robbery against them early Sunday morning. The Brazilian news outlet Globo tweeted in Portuguese that both Olympic swimmers were charged Thursday with “false reporting of a crime”.

The Rio police chief was very angry and convicted them in public Thursday during a press conference.

This isn’t to say they shouldn’t have done what they did, but the reaction is severe. The Brazilian authorities brought the military police and FBI into the case for lying on a report.

Based on a video put out by the Daily Mail, the Brazilian judge issued a search and seizure order. The two athletes who were pulled off the plane were interrogated for four hours. The police then confiscated their passports.

Local officials contend that Lochte and three of his other teammates, including Feigen, were drunk on their way back to the Olympic village from a nightclub when the taxi they were rising in stopped at a gas station, perhaps for the athletes to use the restroom. When they discovered the restroom was locked, they allegedly broke into the facility before being approached by armed security guards. A reported fight ensued, although the video footage made available does not show any physical altercations.

It was about $30 to $50 of damage.

James Feigen cooperated with police and had reportedly turned on the other swimmers and confirmed the police reports. For his cooperation, he might go to jail

Ryan Lochte was able to leave Rio before the judge issued the order and is in the United States.

Earlier Thursday, the police chief said he didn’t see why the three athletes couldn’t leave but that could all change now.

A three year prison sentence is possible for false reporting and any sentence in a Brazilian jail is extremely dangerous.

Check back for updates.

Update: August 18, 2016: 4:00 pm EST:

Basically, four athletes caused about $30 to $50 in damages, were held at gunpoint, and lied about it. The Brazilian authorities involved the military police for this. 

On Thursday afternoon, the police chief held a press conference and answered questions freely. He basically tried them in the media. It was one-sided and has yet to be confirmed by the swimmers. He also said the three swimmers should be allowed to leave though there might be charges.

Military police are involved. Military police!

In addition to putting them in danger of a three year prison sentence in a notorious Brazilian prison, they face losing their endorsements.

The three athletes in Brazil testified Thursday and at least one the chief said turned on the others and that appears to be Jimmy Feigen. He confirmed the police reports.

There was no robbery,the chief said, they were intoxicated, and at least one went into the gas station bathroom and damaged mirrors, the toilet and the bathroom door for a total of about $30 to $50 in damage..

All agree that Ryan Lothke was the most upset and caused most or all of the damage.

The guard kept them under control with a gun because he said he felt they were big, strong, and out of control. After they were under control, the guard holstered his gun according to the police chief, however, the guard did hold them at gunpoint.

[There are three minutes missing from the Brazilian video and Ryan Lochte said this is extremely important because that is when the gun was pointed at them]

The athletes gave them money for the damage after a third party – a witness – told them they should pay. This anonymous witness also interpreted between the athletes and the proprietor. They paid after being held at gunpoint.

When asked about why they did it, the police spokesperson speculated they believe women were involved and at least one of the athletes wanted it kept secret.


Police arrived to the Olympic Village on Wednesday to seize the passports of US Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen but they had moved out. Feigen has since been stopped and kept from leaving Brazil. Lochte had made it home. They could end up in a Brazil jail for three years for false reporting of a robbery.

Brazilian authorities believe they may have lied about being robbed as authorities have found “little evidence” it was true.

There was also little evidence that they deserved to be pulled off a plane and have their passports confiscated. The judge based it on a tabloid video.

There is more to this story. There was an altercation involving these men the Saturday night they said they were robbed. See the link below with the update.

It is possible they or one could be charged with vandalism and false report. The authorities would not comment on the punishment.

Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger
Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger

Federal police in Brazil pulled US teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger off the plane at Rio de Janeiro’s international airport on Wednesday, O Globo newspaper reported on its website.


The swimmers, who were with Lochte during the alleged robbery, were taken off the plane for questioning, the newspaper said.

A lawyer for Bentz and Conger said they will not be allowed to leave Brazil until they provide testimony to investigators, who are still searching answers about how the swimmers got robbed Sunday morning along with Lochte.

Detention: Gunnar Bentz (left) and Jack Conger (right) are pictured at Rio Galeao International Airport after being removed from a return flight back to the United States Read more:
Detention: Gunnar Bentz (left) and Jack Conger (right) are pictured at Rio Galeao International Airport after being removed from a return flight back to the United States.

Lochte, 32  left the country shortly before a judge ordered the confiscation of his passport on a pre-arranged flight amid a growing mystery about the alleged attack but said he would gladly answer any questions.

A Brazilian judge issued an order on Wednesday to prevent their teammates Ryan Lochte and James Feigen from leaving Brazil while police investigate their account. It was based on conjecture and the judge engaged in judicial overreach here.

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte, one of the most decorated swimmers in Olympic history, told NBC News that he and three teammates were travelling back to the Olympic village after a party early Sunday morning when they were robbed at gunpoint.

“We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over,” Lochte told NBC. “They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground — they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like we didn’t do anything wrong, so — I’m not getting down on the ground.

“And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, ‘Get down,’ and I put my hands up, I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

Then The Daily Mail posted a video of the men laughing after the robbery. Investigators then claimed that the X-ray machine at the Olympic Village showed the men were in possession of all belongings they said were stolen.

Based on the video with the men laughing, the Brazilian judge issued a search and seizure warrant ordering the passports to be seized in a case of extreme judicial overreach.

Lochte and Feigen filled out the police report.

Jimmy Feigen
Jimmy Feigen

Last week, a Brazilian security officer was fatally shot after taking a wrong turn into a dangerous favela, or slum. Two Australian rowing coaches were attacked and robbed by two assailants in Ipanema, and Portugal’s education minister was held up at knifepoint on a busy street.

In addition, stray bullets have twice landed in the equestrian venue, and two windows were shattered on a bus carrying journalists in an attack that Rio organizers blamed on rocks and others claimed was gunfire.

Picking the world’s most dangerous and polluted cities for the Olympics was a dumb decision. Why not hold it in Greece every four years and be done with it? It would be good for their economy and other countries wouldn’t be left with unusable stadiums and facilities afterwards.


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