US Sending Tanks and Jet Fighters to Egypt

Obama Glaring at Netanyahu

As part of $1.3 billion in military aid, our administration is donating tanks and jet fighters to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood [a terrorist organization]. Egypt is ruled by the dictator-light Mohammed Morsi.

Morsi said on September 21st of this year that amending his country’s peace treaty with Israel [1979 peace accords] is just “a matter of time” so that Egypt can have full control of the Sinai Peninsula. He added that the 1979 accord “preserves Israel‘s national security more than Egypt’s, which constitutes a blatant violation of Egyptian sovereignty,” and that it would not endure under Egypt’s new leaders.

In November of this year, the head of the Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, blasted Israel as “the project of the devil” during a speech at an Islamic conference in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

After Gaza spent three years lobbing more than 8000 missiles into Egypt and after untold pleas for peace, Israel had enough. They called up their reserves and lined them up along the border with Gaza.

On several occasions, Morsi responded to Israel’s plan to defend itself by warning Israel that “the price will be high” if Israel “continues the aggression.” He said that Egypt will “stop the brutal aggression” against Gaza. “If I see the homeland in danger, I won’t hesitate to take unusual steps.”

Morsi has sided with Hamas and threatened to join forces with them.

Despite all this, he was credited with the latest peace between Israel and Gaza by our administration. He was actually in Gaza to show his support, not to win a peace of any kind.

The Brotherhood’s goal is Sharia’h Law in Egypt. Furthermore, they seek domination throughout the Muslim world and beyond.

Pentagon statement to The Washington Times on Thursday said: “We are always reviewing our foreign assistance to make sure foreign assistance advances U.S. objectives and is being used for the right purposes.”

Thanks to the U.S., Egypt has the most formidable army in the region and the 4th largest Air Force.

Sadly, Obama must know what he is doing and no matter what he and his liberal buddies tell us, there is no up side to this for Israel or the U.S.

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