US Spends Hundreds of Millions on Planes Afghans Don’t Know How to Fly


who will fly the Afghan's M-17's

Photo of M-17 with a new kind of pilot

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), while conducting an audit, discovered that the US government was about to spend $771 million on military aircraft for the Afghans even though they do not have pilots with the necessary skills to operate the planes. The Department of Defense is moving ahead with the purchase over SIGAR’s objections.

Of course they are!

SIGAR tried to halt the purchase when they discovered that the Afghans hired illiterate and untrained pilots to fly them.

“Only seven pilots are qualified to fly with night vision goggles, which is necessary for most counter-terrorism missions,” SIGAR reported.

It’s hard to find qualified men when most are involved with terrorist organizations.

SIGAR also discovered that the DOD awarded $553 million to a Russian government agency (Rososboronexport) after being told by SIGAR that doing so was imprudent.

A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. James Gregory, told the Washington Free Beacon that they don’t agree with SIGAR.

Of course they don’t!

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