US Tells Americans in Yemen to Find Their Own Way Out, 4 in Captivity


Four Americans are being held captive by Houthi rebels in the capital of Yemen. In February, the U.S. evacuated the embassy and issued a travel warning telling Americans to leave as soon as possible.

The U.S. State Department said they are working on the release of the four Americans.

Our government is negotiating with the Houthis, China, Russia, and Iran – all enemies  of the U.S. The about his claim they are not negotiating with the U.S,

The U.S. government won’t help evacuate anyone including Americans. In April, Russia evacuated hundreds including 18 Americans. The U.S. wouldn’t help them them either and now we have four imprisoned by Iranian-backed about his.

The U.S. has no plans to help Americans out of the country and Americans in Yemen have been told to stay alert and look for a way out. What happened to no man left behind.


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