USA’s BFF: Iran Chants Death to America, Death to Israel, During Qods Day Rally


The United States, along with their partners in the P5+1, are making a deal with Iran that will allow them to have a nuclear weapon. We are not negotiating with them at all over their development of long-range missiles which will be capable of reaching the United States.

The negotiations aren’t hampering their showy desire to bring down America or Israel.

Today was Qods day which was started by Imam Khomeini, in 1979. During today’s rallies, the Ayatollah appeared to egg on the people as they chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Fars reported that the President of the Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality said that the Iranian people attended the Quds Day rally offering a message of support to the nuclear negotiator, with the hope that he will get a good agreement with the power to act.

The power to act!

If you listen to Press TV’s video below, you might say they sound like Hitler and his Nazis. About midway, the propaganda about Gaza starts. Press TV is Iran’s propaganda station in the United States.

During the rally, Iranians called for boycotts of Israeli goods and condemn Israel for protecting themselves in their ongoing war with Gaza. Iran is as brutal as ISIS when they take over a region. The human rights abuses in Iraq at the hands of Iran are well-recorded by human rights organizations.

The rallies, which extended the breath and depth of Iran and in other countries such as Iraq, showed Satanic symbols of America, Britain and the Zionist regime. The participants threw stones at them to symbolize the stoning of the devil.

They also chanted “free Israel”.

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Kelly Ayotte believes Putin is eager to sell arms to Iran and wants the deal partly for that reason.