Use Tanks Against the Tea Party Says New Republic


The far-left rag, I mean mag, New Republic, has a real solution for Mr. Obama in dealing with the Tea Party. They suggested in a recent article that Mr. Obama bring in the tanks and blow them up.

Why waste time with IRS targeting and ridicule in the media when you can simply kill them? Hopefully this was written tongue-in-cheek but I wouldn’t bet real money on it.

The article begins by asking what a president of a constitutional Republic should do when faced with intransigent, bull-headed opponents and quite naturally, they think of Russian communists to compare with and present in a positive light. Who wouldn’t?

They wrote, ‘Well, Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically elected president, was once faced with a similar situation exactly 20 years ago, in October 1993. According to New Republic’s tale, the extremists – the wicked old Soviets – were opposed to his Western-inspired neo-liberal reforms and threw the country into chaos and left people impoverished.

Progressives like those at New Republic see traditional Americans as comparable to the old Soviets when in fact, the opposite is true.

Yeltsin – or Obama – had a national referendum to do what he did, they say. What Yeltsin did was dissolve Parliament (the House) and Parliament dissolved the presidency as they ran off to take shelter in the Parliament’s headquarters.

This, says New Republic admiringly, is what the Democrat Yeltsin did:

1993 Yeltsin's Russia

They don’t stop there of course. All their articles are attacks on the ‘radical’ right which would include anyone who is not a Democrat. Sometimes the writers at NR are Putin apologists or they are looking at Iran’s motives with optimism.

They also blamed the Republicans for the Obamacare mess, claiming Republicans sabotaged Obamacare. Of course, Republicans haven’t been able to sabotage Obamacare which is why the government is shut down right now.

In another article at the NR, they suggest that ways to solve this abomination of suffering a party with a differing viewpoint is to push for redistricting and elimination of voter ID laws. What they want is to corrupt the vote so the only party that will ever hold higher office again will be the Democratic Party.