VA Governor Vetoes 3 Gun Bills, Including 1 Protecting Domestic Violence Victims

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File photo of Democrat Governor McAuliffe

It isn’t easy making orders of protection completely worthless but partisan windbag Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe managed to do it. He voted down three gun measures, sending the message that he already worked out a compromise deal with Republicans.

SB 626 and HB 766 were tossed. They would have enabled domestic violence victims with a protective order against another individual to carry a concealed handgun for up to 90 days without a permit.

“It’s at that moment of crisis where you’ve had this protective order issued where the danger really lies, so at that moment somebody really shouldn’t have to wait in line at the courthouse to protect themselves,” said the House bill’s sponsor, Republican Del. Todd Gilbert, a former prosecutor.

McAuliffe doesn’t see the need for the victims to have the power of self-defense.

“Domestic violence situations can be extremely volatile, and all too often result in serious injury or death,” said McAuliffe. “Senate Bill 626 (and House Bill 766) encourages victims of domestic violence to introduce deadly weapons into an already dangerous situation, an approach that I believe could have significant negative public safety consequences.”

The third, HB 560, would have eased the Commonwealth’s law on the accidental display of a weapon.

McAuliffe wants to see people go to jail for accidentally showing a weapon.

“Pointing, holding, or brandishing a firearm in a manner that induces fear in the mind of another person is irresponsible and dangerous behavior and should be appropriately addressed within our criminal justice system,” contended the Governor. “Because current law provides clear guidelines for our law enforcement personnel without creating unintended consequences that could lead to unsuccessful prosecutions, House Bill 560 is unnecessary.”

As long as he can veto gun bills, he doesn’t care if domestic violence victims are protected and he would happily see people go to jail who accidentally show a weapon.