Van Jones and Sheriff Clarke Give Advice on NFL Players Kneeling


Conservatives just love getting their advice from Communists like Van Jones who offered it unsolicited on The View. You can hear his suggestions on the clip below as he expresses his regret that Conservatives missed a golden opportunity during the NFL kneeling controversy.

The NFL players are not oppressed in any way with their multi-million dollar contracts and it looks ridiculous to many watching them complain of oppression. The United States is not an oppressive country and we are all lucky to live here. There are racial problems that need addressing but going to the UK and showing the world they hate America isn’t productive.

If they kneel during the Anthem, they are disrespecting America, period.

Not that I agree, but if they are protesting police excess, it would make more sense to kneel in front of a police station. Why do it during the Anthem?

Many people on the right would not see his resolution as a win-win. disrespecting the flag and our country is a deal breaker.

The deceptively attractive Communist Van Jones began his career rioting against police. For those who have forgotten who Van Jones is, check out the protest he led on 9/12/2001 to celebrate the terrorists.

Go to 04:39 to hear him rant about revolutionary change:

Sheriff David Clarke also gave his advice this past week and Conservatives might prefer following his over Van Jones’.

After explaining that Goodell let the kneeling get out of hand, Clarke passionately asked, “What the hell is there to discuss?” He added, “Stand at attention, face the flag and give it some respect. This is about respect and decorum.”


  1. You nailed it: if they actually are protesting police brutality, then go kneel and raise fists in front of the police stations. Surely they can get all the press they want. And they’re going directly to what they falsely say they are protesting: the evil police.

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