Variety Wants You to Answer This Question About Chelsea Clinton – Can You?


Variety magazine’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller, in a tweet promoting a special issue, asked the public to answer this question about Chelsea Clinton, “How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?

Chelsea is one of six women who won Variety’s and Lifetime’s “Lifetime Impact” award for being powerful – a woman of power – for doing nothing. The six will each get their own Variety cover.

Chelsea is getting awards along with women who actually did accomplish things.

The Clintons and the media are force feeding Americans with Clinton pablum. She’s our new senator as she eventually rides the wave of propaganda to the state senate and then the White House. They’ll give her a resumé since she doesn’t have much of one.

Past honorees have fought child sex trafficking and helped the homeless and marginalized. Chelsea chairs the money laundering Clinton Foundation which keeps the Clintons rich and powerful. It also funds charity in a small way but it’s mostly the Clinton nest egg.

She authors, reportedly ghost-written, childrens’ books that no one will buy like, She Persisted. She is a member of various boards – no-show jobs.

Her sarcastic and left-wing tweets are another achievement along.

So what do you think? How cool is she?


  1. If having to be photoshopped to look like you lost 30 pounds is cool, then I suppose she is cool …haha!

    What leftists think is cool is the 180 degree opposite of what sane people think is cool.

    Pardon my bad memory but after 6 young black men had beaten up a young white man an inch from his life, those 6 black men ( they were called the “something,something” 6, the name of their city I think ) had been invited on stage at a Much music awards show.

    leftists thought that was cool. The crowd applauded and cheered.

    6 violent criminals who had almost murdered a young man were guests of honor, and the left thought that was cool.

    We sane people think that glorifying and rewarding barbaric criminals is not cool.

    I wonder what happened to those 6 young violent criminals? they must have committed worse crimes since then and half of them must be in jail now.

    • Often what happens to violent scum is that they return to their own neighborhoods only to encounter someone just as brutal as they are. Karma! And if they haven’t yet, they will. It is the world in which they fester.

  2. Chelsea is a criminal, has done nothing for mankind and Variety is nuts. WHY????????????? did they ever do this; can’t help but wonder how much this cost the Clinton’s????

  3. She looks like a child of privilege who was born with a silver spoon up her arse.
    That jackass smile doesn’t help either .

  4. this scuzbag deserves to be in prison along with her parents, her husband and his parents. They are all criminals and have stole miliions from people. They deserve to be imprisoned for life and her kids taken away from her, and she forced to sign away her parental rights and they be adopted out.

  5. NO way should she be remembered for anything except how much she and her parents are nothing but low life criminals that have gotten away with murder, theft, treason, bribery and who knows what else. They obviously will never be made to pay for all the treacherous things they have done in this life, but believe me, they will pay eventually. We ALL answer to God almighty and WILL pay for our sins. May God have mercy on them.

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