Vegas Police Finally Tell the Truth About an Officer Shooting into Paddock’s Room


After lying to us for a month, Fox News reports that Las Vegas police now admit an officer fired his gun accidentally into Stephen Paddock’s suite the night he slaughtered 58 people and wounded nearly 500 others..

Since the October 1 incident, police have repeatedly denied that a gun went off. This despite reports that one did. They claim no shots were fired into the room where Paddock was found dead.

“It happened and we’re investigating it, just like we do with any officer-involved use of force,” Lombardo told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Nobody was struck.”

Apparently it takes a month to find this out.

Meanwhile, the witness, Jesus Campos is still hiding out in the Mandalay.


  1. Somewhere around day 5, I noticed a decided difference in the demeanor of both Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI spokesman. They went from presenting themselves in a very confident manner to seeming quite nervous. From their body language to their hesitant speech, something dramatically changed.

    There is not a single doubt in my mind, they are by now fully aware what inspired this shooting. I believe they knew back then, when those changes were obvious. They remain extremely fearful to spill the truth.

    As a nation, when an act of terror occurs, it is an attack on all of us and there would be no good reason in the world to fear that truth. But there would be great concern should America come to discover, this was yet another attack on presumed Conservatives which was politically motivated.

  2. Excellent time to make the announcement, while NYC has had another terrorist attack of its ownA

    Are authorities hoping that Americans would too distracting to notice this admission, provided it is an admission.

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