Venezuela: Making of a Modern Day Dictator

Mr. Capriles citing the constitution which prohibits a candidate from running for the presidency while in the position as interim.
Mr. Capriles quoting from the constitution which prohibits a candidate from running for the presidency while serving in the position as interim.


Dictators today do not necessarily take a country by force. They more often come into power as Hitler did by using the media, lying, viciously denigrating their opponents, and distorting the rule of law for their own purposes, and it works.

Acting President Nicolas Maduro began his modern-day takeover of the government by ignoring Venezuela’s Constitution and putting himself into the presidency while he is campaigning for the presidency.

He has now launched an investigation into Hugo’s “poisoning” by foreign sources, not an uncommon move by dictator wannabes. It’s a straw man.

“We will seek the truth,” Mr Maduro told regional TV network Telesur. “We have the intuition that our commander Chavez was poisoned by dark forces that wanted him out of the way.”

He will use this non-issue to keep the attention on the outpouring of love for Chavez stirred by his death and to draw parallels between himself and Hugo. This is the same reason they keep these dictators in glass coffins for perpetuity.

The people have cried, “Who will take care of us now?” and Maduro wants them to see him as the only logical choice. He was chosen by Chavez prior to this death.

Henrique Capriles, his strongest opposition candidate, is ten points behind in recent polls and lost to Chavez by 11 points in the last election. Maduro has the vote of the uninformed which is a large portion of the population. Under Chavez reign,  the people have become poorer and less educated. Neighborhoods that were once thriving are now slums. They rely on the lies fed to them.

Capriles recently stated the obvious – Maduro lied about the details of Chavez’s illness, hiding the gravity of his condition from Venezuelans. It set off a firestorm.

The media is state-controlled and they, along with senior government leaders, attacked him viciously, describing Capriles, who has Jewish ancestors, as a “Nazi” and “fascist.”

From the Telegraph:

In a televised message, Ernesto Villegas, the information minister, read a letter to the “sick opposition” from the late president’s daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, who has at times been viewed as a possible future successor.

“Stop playing with the pain of a nation and a devastated family,” she wrote. “It is unfair, inhuman, unacceptable that they now say we were lying about the date of his (death) … Focus on politics, don’t play dirty.”

Mr. Capriles responded as best he could in a flurry of defensive tweets asserting that he would never offend any family and referred to Maduro’s own campaign which insulted his ancestors, calling them Nazis. Mr. Capriles’ great-grandparents were murdered in a Nazi concentration camp.

Hugo Chavez was diagnosed with pelvic cancer in June 2011 and has been in-and-out of Cuban hospitals since. He was not poisoned, Mr. Capriles is not a Nazi, Maduro distorted the interpretation of the constitution, and the media is completely controlled by Maduro.


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