Verizon Union Thuggism


We love hard working people who are in these unions. What we don’t love is the mob mentality.

Update: – Counter terrorism agents are  investigating the Verizon unions. Verizon owns critical telecommunication lines and when the unions sabotage them, they are playing with our security. These acts of sabotage have shut down service to a police station and a hospital among others. Read here: Bullies & Greed

My sister-in-law worked for Verizon and was amazed that she was paid so well without experience or a college education. She used to rave about the benefits such as healthcare, to which employees pay nothing.

Times have changed and Verizon needs to pull back, but the unions, that this administration loves so, are showing their fangs. They marched in April with the communist party for the We Are One march – that might tell you something about where they are coming from.

This absolutely disgusting Verizon striker curses at replacement workers in front of his young daughter while he uses her to block the Verizon truck. How can you feel sympathy for ignorant people who behave like this? What did he teach his daughter?

There have been more than 90 acts of sabotage against the company. When asked about the sabotage, the union’s response was that sort of thing should not be happening. NO KIDDING! LIKE YOU DIDN’T KNOW!

Verizon believes that the unions demands are not reasonable in this economy. The company wants workers to contribute to their health care premiums — a minimum of $1,300 a year for family coverage and much more depending on the plan. They pay nothing now.

Verizon allegedly wants to freeze pensions for current workers and eliminate them for new hires.

According to the union, the company also wants to eliminate subsidies for employee child care, eliminate accidental disability benefits and limit flexible job scheduling. Company officials would not comment on those provisions.

Ryan, the local CWA official, said the most crucial issue is the threat to job security. The union says management’s proposal would eliminate all job security provisions. Among other things, it would give management greater flexibility in rerouting service calls — a provision Ryan sees as a way to send more jobs to Mexico or overseas. The company denies that is its motive. Read here: Syracuse News

It’s hard to sympathize with people who sabotage and threaten replacement workers. In fact, I am rooting for the company now.