Vet Dies With Maggots in His Wound Under the Care of the VA


The Daily Caller says that a physician’s assistant and three nurses at the Talihina Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) center have resigned after a patient was found with maggots in his wound shortly before he died.

Talihina director Myles Deering, who recently received a $15,000 raise, confirmed the maggots didn’t enter the wound after the patient died on Oct. 3, but rather were present while the patient was still alive. The patient, he said, did not die from the maggots.

“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites,” Deering said, Tulsa World reports. “He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.”

Mr. Peterson
Mr. Peterson

The 73-year-old veteran, Owen Reese Peterson, initially came to the medical center with an infection, but then ended up with sepsis, to which he later succumbed.

Peterson’s son, Raymie Parker said he tried to advocate for his father and get them to up his medication so they could change his bandages. He felt they ignored him.

“During the 21 days I was there, … I pled with the medical staff, the senior medical staff, to increase his meds so his bandages could be changed,” Parker told Tulsa World. “I was met with a stonewall for much of that time.”

His concerns centered around the senior medical staff and the bureaucracy, not the nurses who he believed were excellent.

In late November, Deering was given a raise by the Oklahoma Veterans Commission, which is responsible for overseeing the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs. It was controversial but not because of the maggots scandal, because of the fact that money is tight.

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  1. They should e charged with manslaughter .this is how they treat our vets ,yet they want to give everything free to muslin that hate us.this has to stop and the limbs and dems that have caused all of this should be jailed .I would love to somehow teach them a severe lesson it is the only way they will learn.being a vet it makes me sick that me and my brothers in arms suffered for those type of people

  2. how can you people live with yourselves condoning the mistreatment of this soldier ? we are not living in the 1600’s ! where was this man’s doctor,was there any form of care at all in the “place” because it certainly isn’t a hospital.damn people we are talking about a man’s life not justifying maggots ! how self centered are you @$$holes!

  3. I’m a disabled combat veteran of Vietnam. I’m 68 and highly decorated including 3 Purple Hearts earned the old fashion way unlike John Jerry.

    In 2011 the VA gave me a routine steroid injection for problems from an anti-tank mine in ’67 as a Scout-Tunnel Rat and two Helicopter crashes in ’68 as a UH1-C Huey Gun Ship Door Gunner.

    Of course the doctor who was an “anesthesiologist” did a deep spinal injection WAY beyond he competence level. He missed and I’ve been crippled ever since. I was on 100mgs of Opiate Pain Medication every morning just to get out of bed.

    Two months ago the VA stopped giving pain medications to ALL VETERANS, no appeals, no alternative treatments except YOGA and Chiropractic (one for every 140,000 Veterans. Vet suicides according to the Star Tribune are up 400%.

    I complained and this month my Disability check was shorted $250. I’m 100% Permanent & Total, 100% +100%+100% including unrelated combat injuries. They gave me 30% for crippling me for life.

    The VA is a Monument to Incompetence. The doctor who crippled me, continues to cripple veterans yet he is still employed according to numerous VA nursing staff. The nurses are great but cannot overrule the doctors, many of whom are the lowest rated in our city by the Internet Doctor Ratings & Review Board.

    To date the number of Veterans killed by VA incompetence exceeds that of those killed by the enemy. 2/3rds of all Vietnam Combat Veterans are already dead… most by Agent Orange and pitiful VA Care.

    Is this how you want those who protect you treated, is this what you PAY FOR ? If you love your Veterans STAND UP FOR US. Those Veteran groups like the VFW, DAV, Purple Heart Association are just pawns of the VA.

    Keep in mind, if things go horribly wrong in the US like their going in Europe…Your old Veterans will be the first to fight for your Freedom “again”. They want us dead.

    Who’ll stand up to our “domestic enemies” if you let the VA kill off all your protectors ?

    All those I served with in Vietnam are dead… I’m alive only because I avoided the VA all these years. One procedure to keep my pain meds, ended up crippling me for life. You cannot go outside the VA for Pain Medications or you risk losing your Disability.

    This is happening, and its happening today.

    • Dear Mr. Thornburg, I am so sorry to hear that story. It’s terrible. Thank you for your service. I hope we get a leader at the VA who can improve it. Military should be able to go whatever hospital and doctor they want.

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