Veterans Group Will Not Accept Donations from Trump But the Reason Why Is the Story


A Daily Caller story today reads, Veterans Group To Refuse Any Donations From Trump Fundraiser, but a lot is left out, perhaps deliberately. The short story nowhere mentions who and what this group is.

The reason why they won’t accept the funds is the story. Read on.

The story reads

A military veterans group told Donald Trump they do not want his money from his fundraiser for vets.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America [IAVA] founder Paul Rieckhoff tweeted Wednesday he would turn away any donation that came from the fundraiser Trump is planning to speak at in lieu of participating in the presidential primary debate in Iowa Thursday.

vets group
According to Rieckhoff, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have not heard from Trump and do not know what groups are planning to join him at his event.

Therefore there was no need for them to say a word except for partisan publicity.

At least they mentioned it wasn’t offered. It won’t be because they are not only liberal, they are hard left, and they are anti-gun.

If you want to know how far-left they are, know that they are tied to the likes of Maxine Waters, Democracy Now, Dennis Kucinich, Jim McDermott and other far-left radicals.

Stripes reported that they called for a nationwide parade to commemorate the end of the Iraq War which the Pentagon found unhelpful. They also oppose for-profit schools.

There are no dues to join so they can brag about 200,000 members and all their business and meetings are conducted online. If you give them a business card, you are instantly enrolled as a member. They don’t do anything on a community level and don’t bring veterans together. This is a political organization though they deny that.

Rieckhoff chooses the board. There are no elections. He writes for the Huffington Post and is a regular at liberal-think TED conferences. On Twitter, he posts hourly and wants more public attention and more recognition, especially from the secretary. It would be a fatal error to sit down with him since he’s been out to “get” every one of them.


A website, This Ain’t Hell, found a photo of Rieckhoff sporting a Special Forces patch and a Bronze Star, but he didn’t earn either one. He said he bought his Bronze Star when he was told he earned one though no record of that exists.

The patch he said was an initial assignment that never came to pass.

He started out with a group called Operation Truth which he claimed was non-partisan but was an attack-Bush site. It then morphed into what it is now, a left-wing cheerleader for any left-wing cause like allowing openly transgenders in the military and they have access to Barack Obama, the top leftist himself.

One disenchanted former member of the group wrote this:

And I maintained that position [not withdrawing from an involuntary membership] right up until today when I got this absolutely absurd, biased and factually inaccurate “Congressional Report Card” email. My BS detector got off to a rip roaring start when I hovered over the link and found that it went to IAVA through “Democracy in Action.” For those not aware of this craptastic organization: believes technology can be a decisive force for social change. We exist to empower those who share our values of ecological and social justice to advance the progressive agenda.

Great. So, while I paid no dues, as a Member in good standing of IAVA, I apparently support ecological and social justice initiatives in line with my progressive agenda. That sounds like me, doesn’t it?

My first look over the report card had me screaming “EPIC FAIL!!!” in my office.

I noticed some real “luminaries” in the veteran’s movement with solid voting scores: Baghdad Jim McDermott got an A. Maxine Waters got an A. Dennis Kucinich got an A. Jim Marshall (the guy who is in the Ranger Hall of Fame, visited the troops more than 99% of other Members of Congress, and who has an open door policy for veterans) well, he got a B. Duncan Hunter got a C.

The group regularly sends out gross misinformation about politicos.

All that being said, like many leftist groups, they combine their partisanship with charity and do good work for veterans. Is charity a tool of the left? It seems to be for IAVA.

There is no question IAVA would never accept a donation from Trump and likewise, Trump would never offer to these leftist charlatans who have weaponized charity.

Why I am cancelling my IAVA membership immediately PART I


  1. You had me at the name of sponsor Maxine Waters. To my recollection I have never agreed with policies that Ms. Waters supports, and I can say with certainty, that I do not support her method of “noon-support”.

    I appreciate and applaude the service of the military, and I support their decision re: groups from which to accept funds.

    However, I will attend, enjoy, and support tonight’s town hall and fundraiser

  2. Thank you for this eye-opening report on just who Paul Rieckhoff is and what his IAVA group actually is. Just another corrupt, leftist weasel misrepresenting himself through life.

    • Yes and so far I see no other reports about this group. Of course, Fox is not going to tell us the truth.

  3. Never heard of IAVA. If I ever did find out a veterans organization I support was going political I would immediately stop supporting them. Real veterans groups focus on veterans, not politics.

  4. This guy needs to get a life. There are better ways to spend your life than using the Trump choice to benefit your silly little vets group.
    Dave Harris, VN Veteran

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