Veterans Wait 4 Years for Appeals of Disability Claims!


vets Soldier hugging his child

The wait for an appeal claim for our military to receive disability is about 4 years! The wait has increased 50% under Barack Obama.

When asked why there are these delays, the Veterans Administration says that only 17% of their raters receive the proper training. Two-thirds of the forms they complete have mistakes.

Is this how we treat our military now? They serve their country and then we abandon our disabled or potentially disabled veterans?

Mr. Obama has been cutting back on the military since he got into office, long before sequester. If they need training, they should receive it.

This shouldn’t be a surprising turn of events after the way our Ft. Hood massacre victims have been treated.

Fix this!

In this video, veteran John Super says he has been waiting two years for an appeals claim to be heard. If he calls the VA, they hang up on him or transfer him to a voice message.