Victoria Soto, Amazing Heroine of Sandy Hook


“No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.”
~ John 15:13

Victoria Soto had just turned 27 when she was gunned down protecting the lives of her children. She was confronted by the gunman after hiding the children in the closet. He wanted to know where the children were and she told them they were in the gym at the other end of the building. Six of the frightened children then ran out and past the gunman. One student said she jumped in front of the children as the gunman fired.

When the police went into her classroom and opened the closet, they saw seven pairs of eyes. Victoria Soto was responsible for their survival and for the survival of the other children who ran out of the room.

She wasn’t the only heroine that day, but her story is one of the most heroic. She taught her children one final lesson in love and courage.

The Beautiful Victoria Soto, 27
The Beautiful Victoria Soto, 27

Carlee Soto, Victoria's sister, became the face of the suffering and tragedy
Jilian Soto, Victoria’s sister, became the face of the suffering and tragedy

Governor Malloy, who made some dramatic speeches, was lacking when dealing with the victims’families:

Gene Rosen
Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen who saw 6 of Ms. Rosen’s children sitting in a circle on his lawn as he returned home:

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