Video…Bill O’Reilly Interview on ‘Totalitarians’ Who Want to Destroy the ‘Constitution”


Bill O’Reilly appeared on Hannity’s Fox show Tuesday night to promote O’Reilly’s new book, Killing England.  The left is tearing them both apart today but not reporting much about what they actually said. There is a reason for that. They discussed the Totalitarians in control of the Democrat Party.

Hannity asked Bill if he was going to return to TV as a host.

“Who knows what I’m going to do. I’m going to evaluate. They want to silence all political opposition,” Bill said, adding that he was attacked every day for the 20 years he was on the Fox channel.

Bill was no-holds-barred in discussing Democrats.

“The far left wants to drive the narrative that the USA is an evil country. Why? They want to change everything,” he continued. “The END GAME of Democrats is a NEW CONSTITUTION and they’re painting our founding fathers as racists to that end,” he warned.

Bill talked about the disrespectful Jaguars and Ravens who knelt for the U.S. flag and stood for ‘God Save the Queen’. After noting that the US military watch these games overseas, he asked rhetorically, “Can you imagine putting your life on the line…and seeing your American players disrespect the country and the flag?”

“While they knelt in London, did they think of soldiers 3,000 miles away?”

Bill discussed the people behind the silencing of all opposition. “Totalitarians”, he said, want to wean out “any speech with which they disagree”. He said, Democrats want to change everything: the Constitution, Electoral College, leadership, et al, so they paint the picture that the USA is an “evil country”.

Watch the full interview.

Media Matters and most of the MSM rehashed the sexual harassment claims against Bill. Who knows if O’Reilly is guilty, let’s wait for the proof.

Media Matters’ article subtly threatened the Fox channel with annihilation. Other media like CNN didn’t mention what the two discussed except to say O’Reilly “gloated” about spending the summer on the beach. MSM in general claimed: Hannity hates O’Reilly; O’Reilly is a sexual deviant; they’re a couple of misogynists and worse; and the two were trying to “beat that woman” Rachel Maddow. And on and on the vile reviews went.

While the left may hate them both, O’Reilly and Hannity will have the last laugh. This show was likely a ratings bonanza.

It is interesting that the MSM stayed away from what they discussed: the NFL, the end-game of the far-left, and the institutions the Democrats want to destroy.




  1. I have thought O’Reilly was admirable in the way he tackled corruption of Government in the past. I couldn’t say if the content was melodramatic or not but there certainly are concerns that every American should wake up to.

    There are many times I get disappointed with Hannity when he goes through his slogan narrative. I suspect his intent is to reinforce specifics but it comes across as simplistic and is ineffective.

    I think he strays from an effective response when delving into “black on black crime” and other related “statistics”. This distracts from the real issue and distances the black community. A pertinent example was a YouTube livestream interviewing a black woman. He was as effective at using statistics as Hannity and this woman finally threw her hands up and left. He and a couple others celebrated how they “won” the argument. THIS is a big BIG MISTAKE. Attempting to “win” an argument does not serve a national interest in gaining support FOR that argument. This reinforces those blacks who have concerns about their “situation”. It is much more effective to use Their concerns in such a way that promotes their own status in life.

    When Hannity did the same in using statistical data to reinforce his position to essentially “win” the argument he ends that argument. This leaves Both sides in the same position and No one gains. Instead, the argument should be directed at the root cause of the concerns. Basically, the same methods used against the right is the same ammunition, to not only address the concerns of blacks, but also against those who have afflicted blacks all these many years. It is the policies of those political leaders in black communities who have done nothing but blame others in order to shield themselves from scrutiny. Those “white” politicians are not from the right but from the left. For instance, is Rahm a right-winger. Hardly. It is these who are racist, from the left, that have kept blacks subservient to them by creating a firestorm of SJW’s, to keep the truth from being known.

  2. The liberals will attack any and all proponents of independent thinking. The liberals promote tribal mentality wherein only the leaders make significant choices for the followers.

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