Here Is the Video Being Taken Down by Social Media and You Tube


I posted three stories about a student at Stoneman Douglas High School who, unlike the other traumatized students and families who went to the White House Wednesday, appears to be a budding journalist working closely with CNN. The video in which he is seen rehearsing his lines with a CNN producer has been scrubbed from YouTube and social media.

The reason I know this is because the videos I posted kept getting taken down, whether they be on social media or YouTube. I had downloaded one version which I have included in this post. The only other one I could find is in a tweet by Lucian Wintrich who works for a right-wing news outlet, The Gateway Pundit.

In addition, CNN did not allow their anti-gun townhall to be live-streamed last night. That was undoubtedly in case anyone didn’t tow the company line. This is the kind of thing Mao or Stalin would do. The media thinks it is their job to decide what people will be allowed to see.

David Hogg is a self-described Teenlink reporter for the Sun-Sentinel, a left-wing newspaper. His father is a former FBI agent. Hogg is a Democrat who has led the Everytown “March for Our Lives” movement this past week. The Stoneman student has helped turn the multi-system failures in the Nikolas Cruz mass murder case into an anti-Trump Resistance movement.

The egregious failures by the FBI are all but forgotten; the lack of action by Barack Obama is ignored; the school, police and social service system failures go unmentioned. Mr. Hogg has helped turn it an anti-Republican, anti-NRA, anti-Trump movement.

He is doing the movement a disservice. Turning it into a Get Out the Vote movement will prevent real solutions from being discussed.

Watch young Mr. Hogg’s rehearsal on this clip

The Stoneman survivors and families who attended the White House meeting Wednesday are the real heroes and leaders. They came from several different viewpoints but they were respectful and want to look at multi-pronged solutions.

One solution has already been found. Broward County deputies will now carry rifles on school grounds. At least one school district in New Jersey will do the same thing. Every government facility has armed guards in these times. Schools must also.

It’s a new, far less-safe world where children are gunned down, our culture is devoid of morals, and police are under attack.

This next clip is of the sincere people at the White House on Wednesday. The President said he will do something to make their deaths matter in some way. Hogg skipped it to go on CNN.


  1. Whether admitted or not a good part of the problem has been with adults. For some reason and for some time there has been an effort By adults to be the children’s “friend”. When seen as a friend, the sense of an authority figure is gone. One thing I have found repugnant is when children, even young ones, refer to adults by their “first name”. No longer are students required to address a teacher with respect, as in referring to them as Mr. Mrs so and so. I’ve experienced the result in the general society as a whole. It’s been, maybe, one time in a year where a young person will show respect to an older person.

    The session at the White House was quite moving, And effective, whereas the ‘attack’ March falls on deaf ears. It is the same with the CNN Townhall. From what I’ve seen and heard so far it was nothing more than a “hate fest”. What this tells ME is; if these students, en masse, go to a large meeting and do not care to listen and only attack the speakers then what in the hell are they being taught IN school and IN the home. It is a TOTAL lack of respect FOR OTHERS, and THIS lack of respect for others is the character of Cruz. Is THIS the atmosphere that Cruz was part of, that is the question.

    The one older man who spoke at the White House was about “connections”. I don’t know how schools operate in larger communities but we had grade school of eight years in a four room building. By the time my little sister went to school they instituted ‘busing’. The school was split up and many years she had to go to school some fifteen or twenty miles away. What was once a “community” with fairly close ties suddenly became fractured and it was never the same afterwards. I wonder if this community fracturing was instituted in larger cities. Busing was one of the most devastating actions ever taken by a Government. If this Was widespread then any “connection” a community once had is no longer.

  2. Well, just Maybe, these kids Are “crisis actors”. It looks like it could be that the kids on TV are actually part of a “drama club”. Drama – actor; Drama – crisis; Crisis Actor?

  3. One thing I noticed at the very outset, and just heard from one who is part of that drama club, refer to THEMSELVES as “Kids”. Never Before have I ever seen 16 to 18 year olds refer to themselves as kids. Invariably they want to be considered “young adults”. So, Why, now, all of a sudden are so many calling themselves and others kids, or children. It’s one thing for parents to use that term for their own. I can’t help but wonder if This word wasn’t specifically “selected”.

  4. Isn’t this interesting. Dana Loesch was talking at the Townhall and describing how many states are NOT part of the NCIS system reporting. They do not report people for the purpose of “background checks”. The Emma ,”child”, tried to quiet the crown because she wouldn’t be able to give her rebuttal. WHAT??!? One of the “children’s” big concern is the background checks and SHE wants to REBUT THAT.

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