View of Retired FBI Agent, Former JAG Officer on James Comey


by S. Noble

The comments below were written by a man who was an Army JAG officer, then an FBI Agent. I can’t give you his name but I agree with it and think many of our readers will as well. There are a few surprises like the revelation that Comey was never really an Agent. Personally, I thought he was an Agent – a kind of Elliot Ness but he’s more Al Capone.

Comey tried to convince us the Russians wanted Trump to win over Hillary. Comey couldn’t find intent. The man’s a liar, but let’s look at what a real Agent says.

The agent who wrote the following comments was responding specifically to an article in Western Journalism quoting former FBI Assistant Directors James Kallstrom, Bill Gavin and Ron Hosko who were offering their opinions on the Comey firing.

The Agent said he had “heat-burn” over one comment in particular made by Kallstrom: “Of course, they had no subpoena power, they couldn’t compel any investigation or search warrants. They had to beg people to look at things. The interview of Hillary Clinton, in my view, was a sham.” Kallstrom said.

“That is an untruth and Kallstrom is way out of touch on that one,” the former Agent wrote.

“Never once in my years did I ever have to ‘beg’ an Assistant U. S. Attorney (AUSA) for anything.  I worked my cases up to the the point they were ready for trial.  I, like most working Agents, maintained a good rapport with the AUSAs. Then when I presented the law and my facts to one of the AUSAs, they were always glad to see me.”

“This is not said as a pat on the back, but merely how it was.”

“Rest assured, practicing AUSA’s liked to win trial cases, as much as Agents did.  Only while they were the prosecutor and I was the investigator…we were both after the win.”

Another comment he objected to was made by Bill Gavin.

“And Gavin said ‘he’s an ethical guy’ to which I highly disagree, in that James Comey was a crook, and from what I read, most likely took money under the table from the Clinton’s.  For Hillary was as guilty as sin…Comey knew it…but gave her a pass.  I wish I had been case agent on that matter, for damn well, Hillary would have gone to trial from my investigative report presented to the AUSA.”

“Comey was nothing more than an administrative head, and apparently a sorry one at that.  As such, he never personally investigated a damn thing, but had others do the work for him.”

“And after retirement, my old buddy John made the comment to me that I was one of the most tenacious agents he had ever known and that he sure as hell would not have wanted me investigating him for anything. Nor is that said as a pat on the back either, for this is how all good solid Agents worked.  That is what we got paid for and was expected of us .. a quality presentation report based upon accurately set forth facts therein, from which, after AUSA review, I and the AUSA both expected to win, and did so in all my cases over those 25 years, with nary a loser.”

“Back to the point of all this though. James Comey ‘danced with the Devil’ and lost his ass.  But that is what eventually happens when you step over the line…Comey, are you listening?  Agents always took that matter to heed.”

“But here we all need to remember, that Comey was never an Agent, and please do not forget that point.  Putting it bluntly, Comey was nothing more than a high-stepping political appointee…like former federal judge William Sessions (the other canned former director)…both of whom fell off into the deep end and did not even know how to ‘dog paddle’ to get out of their swamp…”


  1. I’m nauseated every time I see or hear of Comey. I happened to listen to the Comey, Rogers hearing again and it’s apparent how truly arrogant this man is. He uses “classified” as nothing but a smoke-screen as if he is some moral arbiter of honest Government.

    I am getting, Or already there, thoroughly fed up with everyone involved. This includes the likes of Nunnes, Chaffetz, and Gowdy. In my opinion they are No different than Comey himself. None of these reprobates will stand up to the onslaught of media whores.

    It seems most of the questions Gowdy asks are basically grandstanding. His questions invariably allow the person on the panel a way out. With Comey he doesn’t seem to want to press the issue. I’m tired of these Republican members of Congress say “hypothetically”. These are OVERSIGHT Committees. Where is “Oversight”. Comey has already violated “classified” and Should be forced to answer.

    Then you have Nunnes ask such utterly STUPID line of questions, “were any votes changed in this state or that state”. Really!!! What I want to KNOW is why Nunnes has completely backed down on getting to the truth and facts.

    Chaffetz may be one of the worst. He’s had many hearings over the years and in each case they were about as ineffective as you can get.

    Some time ago I decided to contact many of these people in Congress. Come to find out they have so restricted their contacts that unless you can prove being a constituent you cannot make contact. At the beginning of the year it was possible to contact the House Speaker. I had sent an email and received a reply. Some time later I sent another and it was bounced back. The Speaker of the House no longer accepts any contacts.

    When the next election comes around maybe Trump should tell the public to vote Everyone in Congress Out Of Office. NONE of them are worth the huge sums we are paying just so they can become multimillionaires while in office.

  2. I am convinced that those who ‘succeed’ in Washington D. C. are so tainted and the cause of the septic politics that come there that I have little to no trust regarding their leadership. I have lived it and seen it happen. It is a gradual process that begins early in adulthood.

    It happens on the private side, too. Indeed, it’s a problem we humans have. We are into about 6-7th generational change of our country’s citizens and God becomes less known and the security of the king becomes more important.

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts.” – Lord Acton.

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