“Vile” Bernie Uses Puerto Rico’s Tragedy to Call the President a “Racist”


Vile Red Diaper Baby Bernie Sanders basically called Donald Trump a ‘racist’ and suggested he’s not helping Puerto Rico, because they are mostly not white.

While the President could phrase things better at times, leftists like Bernie exploit his lack of precise terminology and pretend they don’t know what he actually meant.

After playing a clip of Bernie’s latest remarks, Bill O’Reilly commented, calling Bernie comments “vile”.

The left in general is doing what they usually do. They are politicizing the tragedies in Vegas, Puerto Rico AND they’ve tacked on promotion of the lousy healthcare program they foisted on the U.S.

They wouldn’t even give us a day away from any of these tragedies, not even a few hours truth be told.


  1. Bernie Sanders is a socialist turd in a suit. The Mayor of San Juan is promulgating anti-Trump rhetoric for political purposes. She is the real enemy of the people of Puerto Rica, just as Sanders is a real enemy of the American people.

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