Violent Clashes Continue in Egypt on Friday



This is the government we are sending 20 F-16’s and 200 armored tanks to???

During an anti-government demonstration on Friday, protesters sat aside the palace chanting for hours against the dictatorial rule of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration. One climbed the palace fence and the others told him to get down so as not to provoke the riot police.

By evening, however, the peace was over and protesters – anti-government forces – threw fire bombs over the wall of Egypt’s presidential palace, setting fire to a gatehouse to show their contempt for Morsi.

Riot police fired tear gas and birdshot at demonstrators. They stripped, dragged and beat at least two, then pulled them into the armored police van, probably to torture them. The assault can be seen briefly in the video below.

Another video on youtube, not posted here, shows the police beating, dragging and kicking him more vividly and horrifically.

Though it was obvious they stripped him, the state-run media claimed he took his own clothes off according to a tweet from one journalist:

Samar Al Gamal @SamarAlGamal

يا لهوي !!! “@mokhbersahafi: State radio reporter at ittihadiya says the protester took off his clothes !!!” Read more at twitchy

One protester was killed and the next day the two sides met, each blaming the other for the fire at the palace.

Clashes continue outside the palace, thousands march in cities along the Suez canal.

There is a growing polarization in Egypt which is leading to the violence. The fear raised by the defense minister that the government was on the brink of collapse seems justified – neither the opposition nor the government appears to have control over confrontations in the street.

In a statement, President Morsi blamed unnamed “political forces” for inciting what he said was an attempt to “storm the gates of the palace.”

“We stress that such violent practices have nothing to do with the principles of the revolution or legitimate means of expression,” the statement said. It called on “patriotic forces” to denounce the violence and “urge their supporters to immediately withdraw from the palace area.” [NY Times]

“Shady el-Ghazali-Harb, a young organizer who helped guide the revolt against Hosni Mubarak two years ago, was on the scene with a gas mask draped around his neck.  ‘As long as the demands of the people are not met, people will stay in the street, and no one can control this violence,’ he said, arguing that the underlying issue was the Constitution’s failure to address the revolution’s goals — bread, freedom and social justice, as the familiar chant goes.” [NY Times]

Remember when the Muslim Brotherhood said they were not even going to put someone up for office during the elections? Then they said they would have a parliamentary form of government and a constitution that represented all the people. Remember when Morsi took control of all the media which is now completely state-run?

Morsi wonders why there are violent clashes?

Regardless of who is to blame, the country is too unstable to receive fighter jets and tanks, but, then again, this is the revolt Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton encouraged and supported.