Violent Union Bosses Exempt From the Law


Did you know that union bosses are granted immunity from prosecution for acts of violence and vandalism they orchestrate in the so-called “pursuit of legitimate union objectives?” It’s become a political issue since our politicians won’t close this loophole and upset their union pals. The opposing argument is that extortion and violence are already crimes and a new law is not needed. Unions argue that they do not want a law that prohibits the disallowing of commerce.

Please consider signing the petition put out by The National Right to Work organization.

The Verizon strike is a good example of how unions handle disputes with administration and ownership. The unions terrorized Verizon with 143 acts of violence and sabotage.

It’s part of their tradition apparently. One CWA official said, “There’s nothing wrong, or un-democratic, or un-American about militancy. It’s part of our tradition.”

Union strikers shot at one worker. Another injured his arm after union goons pushed him into scaffolding. Verizon’s security chief receives hundreds of
reports of sabotage, intimidation, or violence daily.