Violent White Supremacists, Antifa Bring Chaos, Domestic Terrorism, Antifa Gets a Pass


James Alex Fields, 20, is being held on suspicion of 2nd degree murder in the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Saturday. Fields is believed to be active duty Army.

James Alex Fields Jr.

Tech reporter for The Hill​ Taylor Lorenz reports that police believe the suspect didn’t intentionally mow down protesters out of malice intent. Lorenz reports that authorities believe that the suspect acted out of fear as protesters swarmed the vehicle, some allegedly acting violent.

There were about 500 white supremacists at the rally today and about 90% were from outside the area and even the state.

White supremacists who brought mayhem to Charlottesville Saturday, have nothing to do with conservatives or Republicans. They are to be reviled and condemned as should Antifa and Black Lives Matter be condemned. They were also at the march heavily armed.

A Fox News reporter asked why the violent Antifa were not also condemned.

As the car careened into a crowd in a three-car accident, a woman was killed. At least 35 were injured in total with 14 of those from individual skirmishes.

Video of the horrific car incident shows a gray Dodge Challenger driving quickly down a narrow side street lined with walking protesters.

The sports car rams into the back of a silver convertible, which hits the van in front of it. Soon the Dodge driver slams the car in reverse, going back up the street at a high rate of speed, dragging its front bumper. Several people chase the car.

This footage is very graphic, be forewarned.

President Trump addressed the violence and tragic crash.

He was criticized for calling for an end to violence on all sides. The fact is the violence has been coming largely from the left.

The violence by the left is always ignored.

That is not to say this incident isn’t awful and unacceptable. The neo-Nazi groups are to bear more of the blame for today’s violence, but the Antifa were not innocent.

Governor McAuliffe notably said nothing about the Antifa. Shouldn’t the violence on all sides be condemned?

The GOP also joined in lecturing Trump. Didn’t they notice the Antifa?


  1. How are we sure all the white people who organized and got permits from the city to protest the destruction of war monuments and memorials are all KKK, Nazis, and White Supremacists? Because they waved the flags of their confederate ancestors like my own, who I still honor to this day? The Intifada terrorists and WTF’s showed up there to fight and beat the peaceful legal protesters as they’ve done since Hillary lost the election. They came spoiling for a fight, and they found what they were looking for. The BLMs, WTFs, and other left-wing terrorists are close to forcing a fatal confrontation with people who just want to be left alone. They will only take so much before the shooting starts. Even Fox News is calling them Nazis.

  2. The city of Charlottesville may be in for one heck of a lawsuit because the permit holders were forced to leave the rally area and directed “through” chanting BLM protestors. That is when the violence began.

    The media and Politicians have planted this fruit with their “identity politics”. One cannot expect a constant assault on one group, “white people” by everyone and not expect an uprising of young white kids. It is compounded by treating leftist perpetrators as righteous. If the Government begins suppressing these groups they will be driven underground and become truly radicalized.

    There are definitely some anti-Semites among the group with remarks that Hitler, y”s, did nothing wrong and the one streaming seemed to agree. The case of Skokie Illinois allowed a neo-Nazi gathering and in the aftermath the group became a laughing stock and soon dwindled. Those of that time also believed the Holocaust (Shoah) was a hoax as due some of those filming today. The methods of BLM and Antifa will only grow that movement.

    Trump was right in calling out both sides. Both sides are prone to violence amidst a culture that has been glorifying violence for years. The vast amount of entertainment is based upon violence and the more brutal, the better. But the media conglomerates will always assert their is no correlation even though many programs are for the purpose of influencing the culture.

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