Viral Trump-Narrated Video You MUST SEE



“The snake” is a video narrated by Donald Trump and posted by Puma by design is a must see. It’s gone viral and it’s one of the main reasons Trump is leading in the polls.

This is the type of thing Cruz and Rubio need to do.

Whether you agree or not, it’s brilliant but flashy! Does it go too far? Is it accurate in its message?



  1. Absolutely accurate. In fact, the incidences of “snake bites” around American and the entire world could fill a day long video with non stop examples. It really is that serious, threatening.

    What’s more, Obama bringing millions more into our country, with THE GOP HOUSE FULLY FUNDING HIS INITIATIVES,” poses a direct, horrific threat which will live on for MANY years to come.

    And once again I ask the question, “If Obama were covertly working for the other side, what, if anything would he do differently.” And to this I add, HOW DARE the Republican House with Ryan at the helm, FUND this?

    • Ask the indigenous peoples of this country, the real first people, what happens when you let the evil in to your house. All of you merchants of fear and hate need to shut the fuck up. We are all immigrants, from somewhere else. If the first nations had not let us in, we would be in Europe still.

      • I’m not an immigrant. I’m an American. I actually do have Indian blood, but even if I didn’t, I’d be an American. The Indians took the land from other Indians who took it from other Indians.

        None of this is to speak ill of immigrants, it’s to make note of the fact that we are not a borderless, lawless state of immigrants. We are the United States, with our own culture and our own laws and we are allowed to have immigration laws.

  2. This video is amazing and i love that Donald stands up for Americans.I’m Mexican-American and I’m voting Donald Trump.since day one

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