Vivian Viloria Fischer Holds a Press Conference Without the Press



Vivian giving a speech in an empty room. We’re sensing a trend here.

Democrat Vivian Viloria-Fischer, a former teacher and Suffolk county lawmaker, has announced her plans to run for Town Supervisor against the Republican incumbent, Ed Romaine.

Ms. Fischer held a press conference Thursday but none of the media showed except for me. I was told I could not be there because the event was only opened to the press. I said, ‘This is America.’ Ms. Fischer’s manager, Kirk Kronk, yelled out to Ms. Fischer, ‘That’s Rosalie Hanson, she’s the opposition.’  He began to argue with me and wanted me to leave.

I explained I was with the Independent Sentinel and he gave me the ‘Uh huh’ routine. Ms. Fischer said I could stay.

Ms. Fischer became rattled before getting very far in her speech and decided to end the no-press-present press conference. She packed up, saying there was too much noise.

The Fischer entourage remained in their cars for a while until another Democratic lawmaker, Connie Kephert, appeared. Upon seeing her, Ms. Fischer and those accompanying her came out of there cars. They again set up and Ms. Fischer gave a 10-minute speech about green jobs, walkable towns, affordable homes, you know, the usual Democratic talking points.

If Ms. Fischer is going to get rattled over this, imagine a night at the Townhall when the unions show up and demand jobs and pay raises. I think we know how that will go.

The Suffolk County Democratic Committee has a page set up for her but there is nothing on it.

The Brookhaven Democratic Committee has a brief writeup of six paragraphs with vague information about her views and insults against her opponent.

What stands out most in her record is that she is an enthusiastic spender of other peoples’ money.

Brookhaven GOP leader Jesse Garcia said that as a legislator, Viloria-Fisher was a big spender. “She has not seen a tax or a fee that she hasn’t hiked, and [she] placed a burden on taxpayers,” Garcia said. “Her record shows she will increase spending and taxes by double digits.”

There aren’t too many Fischer quotes we can give you but we do have one. When our Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy, announced he would not seek a third term three years ago because of a scandal brewing, she gloated and tweeted, “Karma, baby!” Those are words that can come back to haunt.