Vivian Viloria-Fisher Is An Occupier


Vivian Viloria-Fisher, Democrat from East Setauket, is a flea bagger. She joined the OWS who seek to overthrow the government and end Capitalism. So glad she has been elected to office. Want to bet she’s quite well off. Wonder when she’ll donate more of her salary to those of us who aren’t as well off.

“Suffolk County Legislator Vivian Viloria Fisher (D-East Setauket) was also on the train with us. To my knowledge, she was the only Long Island elected official who attended the march.

She explained why she decided to support the effort:

‘There was just a study done by the planning commission stating that there are two groups on Long Island whose numbers are growing: the very rich and the very poor,’ Fisher said. ‘The group whose number is shrinking is the middle. So we’ve created a structure of rich and poor, a two-standard or a two-class system, and that’s because of corporate greed.'” Read here: Long Island Wins