It Needs To Be About The Issues


Selling snake oil

This is why we have to vote on the issues, not on the candidate’s personal appeal. How many people voted for Obama because he is half black? Many, and a lot of them were White voters.

“Harry Alford is the president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. And boy is he entertaining. He’s also not a fan of many of the business positions Democrats have taken.

You might remember him for his fiery exchange with call-me-Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in 2009, when he accused the senator of infusing race into a congressional hearing:

Today he joined Laura Ingraham on her radio show to talk about Obama’s business policies. He started with this:

“Obama wanted the National Black Chamber to dance to his music and have blind allegiance to his crazy programs and agenda, which are totally anti-business. We are a pro-business organization. So we have to stand on the side of business, and the benefit of our members, which are black entrepreneurs.”
Eventually he got to calling Obama and the administration “Marxist” and “fanatical.”

“They might as well put on the brown shirts and swastikas,” he said.

But that’s not all. Alford also admitted he only voted for Obama “because he’s [Obama] black,” a move he now regrets.

“That is a lesson I will take to my grave,” he said solemnly, later saying Obama is “wrecking” the country and is “dangerous.”

You can listen to the entire, extremely opinionated interview: Read more here: Obama a Marxist?