Voter Fraud From the Communist Perspective


The Left Forum in New York City is an annual conference for the far left. I’ve posted two workshops that I attended today and this next one is about voter fraud from the far left perspective.

Voter fraud, according to the far left, is a crime committed by the Republicans. They have the same concerns about voter fraud that anyone else has but they see an evil conspiracy by Republicans behind every real or perceived case of voter fraud.

Many of the attendees in this workshop today were in the Green Party and the rest were Democrats. A Poly Sci professor and several presidents of radical groups led the discussions aimed mostly at the dangers of computerized voting, especially thanks to the criminal Republicans.

They repeatedly claimed that Bush never won a presidential election and former Governor Sununu led the corruption of the vote which put him into office.

Their evidence included unsubstantiated tales, isolated cases, and conspiratorial accusations against Evangelicals. One attacked the Catholic Church and said he was glad people finally realized sports are replete with drug scandals. He and others had a decidedly morose and negative view of people who disagree with them or whose endeavors are opposed to their world view.

One author of a book about voter fraud talked repeatedly about the alleged corruption of our “democracy” by Citizens United, big money, and Karl Rove who he compared to Adolf Hitler. Rove, he claimed falsely, is out in the open and said he [Rove] wanted “perpetual rule” and a “perpetual dynasty.”

Rove never said that.

They’re concerned about big money but not union big money,

This same author said the right wing is winning elections because of rampant voter corruption. Republicans are Fascists he said. He called for the same reaction to voter fraud as we see to ending “free range pigs” (no GMOS) and screamed that he wants us to engage in civil disobedience by demanding hand counts of votes. “Get arrested,” he yelled slamming his fist on the table.

He said the Founding Fathers and our Constitution are very important but the Republicans are violating it and destroying our “democracy”.

We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a Republic, but they don’t seem to be aware of that. They certainly don’t want it to be a Republic. They see the U.S. as a direct democracy and they think the Founding Fathers wanted it that way.

All the dramatic election wins by Republicans could only have been won by Republicans cheating because the country is overwhelmingly Progressive in their view.

One environmentalist came from Mexico where she works to talk about Republican voter fraud.She said criminals like Antonin Scalia and others are still operating. Her uncle had apparently lost a primary to a popular Democrat in 1970. He ran as a radical Progressive but that’s not why they lost, she believes. They lost the Democratic primary because of corrupt Republicans. Her uncle and his brother wrote a book called VoteScam which encompassed 25 years of research. [It’s a book filled with rambling gossip.]

Another speaker complained about the media and blamed them for calling things conspiracies when all the evidence points to them being factual. He noted that 9/11 was an inside job. He also said that the startling Republican victories, Netanyahu’s victory, the loss of the Independence Party in Scotland points to one thing only – a right wing conspiracy.