Wait Until You Hear What Kurt Eichenwald Says Now About His ‘Trump Was Institutionalized’ Tweet


Newsweek’s lying senior writer Kurt Eichenwald is now saying his tweet about Trump being in a mental hospital in the 1990s was a joke! The man is truly bonkers. He epitomizes the left-wing establishment.

In September, Eichenwald tweeted – without reference – that he believed Trump had been hospitalized for a mental condition. What made him tweet it, we can’t say. It wasn’t because it was true. There is no evidence to support it.

There’s no evidence that Trump was ever hospitalized for such a condition, and Eichenwald cited none.

The tweet was quickly deleted from Eichenwald’s account, though not before it received hundreds of retweets and “likes,” spreading it far and wide across the Twittersphere.

Reporters have lost their jobs or been disciplined by their employers for posts that call into question the reporter’s fairness or neutrality on a story, the Washington Post reported.

Andrew Seaman, the chairman of the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethics committee, Seaman, a reporter for Reuters, had a succinct reaction on Twitter to Eichenwald’s deleted tweet: “Completely irresponsible.”

Eichenwald later said he deleted the tweet about Trump’s mental health “because people were confusing it” with his forthcoming Newsweek story. Eichenwald never said he did so because it was wrong. He said nothing about joking which is what he is now trying to say.

This is his tweet.

When Tucker asked him about it, he went bonkers and wouldn’t answer the question.

Here are clips from the crazy interview.

After attacking Tucker Carlson when he asked him about it, he was trolled on Twitter. One person using the name @jew_goldstein sent him a strobe tweet. Eichenwald, who says he has epilepsy, is now trying to find out who the person is so he can get him/her arrested or sue the person.

He just made it worse by lying and pretending it was all a joke. Look at the tweet, listen to the video and tell us how in the world he can possibly pass this off as a joke.

To borrow an expression, Damn the Democrats, Full Speed Ahead!