Walker & Kleefisch Win Recall Election! Thank You Wisconsin! Updated


 “This is what democracy looks like.” ~ Rebecca Kleefisch

This is a big loss for the unions and, hopefully, for the Drone-in-Chief!

President Obama distanced himself from the Wisconsin recall but he did tweet his support for Barrett. I heard that he waved as he flew over the state the other day.

I wonder if the Democrats in the legislature are going to hide out in another state for a while.

The best thing about this is that Wisconsin, the heart of America, has voted for freedom and for justice. It is just wrong to recall someone for a disagreement and it wasted a lot of money.

With 91% reporting at 11:30 PM EST, Walker 54%, Barrett 45% & Kleefisch 54%, Mitchell 46%

Governor Walker’s speech was one of uniting and working together!

AP: Republicans Fitzgerald, Moulton, Petrowski won the Senate recalls.

Update: 6/6: 10 AM: The final race results at District 21 6/6: 7:00 AM: Democrat John Lehman defeats Republican Van Wanggaard, the difference is 800 votes. It has been contested and there will be a recount. If Lehman’s victory holds, control of the state senate will swing to the Democrats.

The Wisconsin state senate is out of session until November – the win is a Pyrrhic victory.

A new round of state senate elections due in November, when 16 of 33 seats are up for grabs and the senate win could be short-lived.


99% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Scott Walker, GOP (i) 1,331,076 53% %
Tom Barrett, Dem 1,158,337 46% %
Hari Trivedi, Ind 14,332 1% %

Lieutenant Governor

99% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Rebecca Kleefisch, GOP (i) 1,296,916 53% %
Mahlon Mitchell, Dem 1,150,991 47% %

State Senate District 13

99% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Scott Fitzgerald, GOP (i) 47,116 58% %
Lori Compas, Dem 32,870 41% %
Terry Virgil, Lib 760 1% %

State Senate District 21

100% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
John Lehman, Dem 36,255 51% %
Van Wanggaard, GOP (i) 35,476 49% %

State Senate District 23

100% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Terry Moulton, GOP (i) 39,843 57% %
Kristen Dexter, Dem 30,479 43% %

State Senate District 29

100% reporting
Name Votes Vote %
Jerry Petrowski, GOP 44,027 61% %
Donna Seidel, Dem