Walmart Is Selling Apparel for the Hate Group, BlackLivesMatter


Walmart’s third party vendors are selling Black Lives Matter branded apparel and other related items on their website. The items range from ball caps, t-shirts and hoodies, to check planners.

Black Lives Matter is a Soros-funded hate group and there are many instances proving that to be the case. Here’s one:

If you go to their website and look at their platform, it is one that would be worthy of Cuba. It reads like the Communist Manifesto.

In October, Walmart’s online vendors went further and pulled ‘all lives matter’ bumper stickers for being offensive.

’All Lives Matter’ has been deemed an offensive term,” an email to vendors read. “These types of items are not appropriate for the Walmart Marketplace.” They were deemed too offensive.

They are back for sale.

A spokesperson from Walmart responded , “The item you’re asking about was incorrectly removed due to a system error earlier this week and was quickly re-published to our site, which you can see here.”

That’s not true. Someone had to deliberately put in the algorithm but at least they put it back.

It’s very dangerous to promote the mainstreaming of Black Lives Matter. It’s no different than selling Farrakhan clothing or the KKK. These people are every bit as violent and racist. They put their opponents on the offensive but they are the haters.

This group organized is morphing into a more “respectable” hard left “organization” and is being brought into schools. It represents a lawless America.

Black lives definitely Don’t Matter to the #BlackLivesMatter groups or they would be screaming about black on black crime which is mostly gang and drug related. They’d be upset about the little children shot while in their beds or on their grandfather’s lap. They’d be distraught over the young men being beaten for doing well in school and for the young people shot simply while walking home from a local store.

There is no normal white person who doesn’t want blacks to succeed. If they do well, we all do well. Their problem isn’t white people.

The group hates the police, hates whites, and promotes black separatism and has a communist platform plus they are funded by the Socialist George Soros. Promoting their apparel is similar to promoting Ché Guevara shirts. There’s really no difference.

Black lives do matter, so do blue lives and all lives.