Walt Disney’s Niece Is Infuriated She Won’t Be Taxed When She Dies


Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney Company co-founder Roy O. Disney, recorded a video to protest her “very fat tax cut” on that income she “did not do anything to earn.”

She also lied about it killing health insurance for 13 million. That has to be the left’s biggest lie about the bill. What it does is it allows people to choose whether they will buy the insurance or not. It’s called freedom.

“This bill will give me this tax cut while also killing health insurance for over 13 million people,” Disney said. “It will let me pass over $20 million to my children, tax-free. And all my friends with private jets? They get a tax cut too.”

She is very upset about the death tax cut and wants to be taxed after death. Someone must tell her she can bequeath her money to the United States Treasury. They will gladly take it. There is also nothing stopping her from taking her money and giving it to the government or paying for the health insurance of some needy people.

Some might not attain the American Dream as her uncle did, she fears.

“But I will be able to stay comfortably right where I am,” she said. “Does that strike you as fair?” No, you should give all your money to the government Abigail!

She claims the teachers can’t take the costs of their tax supplies off their tax bill but that’s not true. It was originally taken out and then put back into the bill. Abigail needs to be brought up-to-date if she’s going to make videos like this.

The Disney family is mostly conservative and she is the black sheep. In 2014, when Meryl Streep called Walt Disney a “bigot,” this grandniece publicly agreed by posting on Facebook how much she loved the actress’s remarks.

“Anti-Semite? Check,” she wrote. “Misogynist? OF COURSE!! Racist? C’mon…”In a Nov. 30 op-ed for USA Today also deploring the tax bill, Disney wrote: “Although I was raised amid privilege and good fortune, I have always been cognizant of income and wealth inequality. It has never sat well with me.”

Then, by all means, give your money away Abigail. Taking money earned by that bigoted, sexist is just amoral.



  1. With such ignorance, it’s a good thing she got rich the old fashion way, she inherited it.

    There are so many who feel and believe this excrement. If she truly believed this, she could just write the check and be done with it. Talk about fairy tales. chuckle


  2. We’ll all sit here breathlessly waiting for you to have someone post a copy of your check to the gubmint, donating your ill-gotten gains while you move on to some virtue-signalling Valhalla.

  3. Anyone like her that does not believe in property rights is incapable of building a corporation or anything else of any value which benefited so many as her grandfather did. If she wants to feel guilty for contributing nothing to society, fine, but do not project her failures upon America.

  4. I’d be Ashamed to have the name Disney when the corporation Fires and then has those fired train their replacements, all for the Corporate Dollar.

  5. Dear Abigail,

    Send me half of your wealth. I will put it to good use…donating it to worthy charities. The government will only waste it on grants to study the sexual innuendos attached to round toothpicks and the well being of snail darter flies.


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