Want to Know How Libya’s Arab Spring Is Doing These Days


We haven’t heard much about Libya lately. Maybe it’s because the media doesn’t want to brag about how Libya has become an Islamic state.

It happened thanks to our tax dollars and President Obama’s leadership. Hillary Clinton has also done her best to make it all happen.

I certainly have no use for Gadhafi but I also am tired of our interference in Middle Eastern affairs and wonder about the supposed benefits – time will tell. The people seem to be happier. However bad it might be, it is better than what they had in many of these countries.

We helped Libya for “humanitarian” reasons which apparently don’t apply to Syria, Nigeria, the Congo, Tibet and the many other countries suffering even worse atrocities.

If you remember, both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton support the Communist would-be dictator, Manuel Zelaya, who was thrown out of Honduras and they did their best to keep him in power. Supporting Islamic extremists and Communist dictators appears to be a pattern of some kind.

The Brotherhood represents the largest political force in Libya with the extreme Salafis coming in second. We heard the press touting the Arab Spring until it sprung. Praise is more muted now as we wait to see how Israel and the United States interests fare.

The Muslim Brotherhood is out of shadows in Libya and has formed a political party, the Justice and Development Party. The party leader, Mohamed Sowan, is from Misrata where the worst fighting occurred. He was a political prisoner under Gadhafi 1998 until 2006.

The Brotherhood is the most organized movement in Libya and has nationwide support. It includes wealthy exiled businessmen.

Their rhetoric sounds hopeful but, then again, so did Egypt’s before it didn’t.

The goal is to “establish a just and developed society based on religious values,” according to Brotherhood spokesman Mohamed Gaair. He further added, “Our first main goal is to work on security and stability. We are still a new founded party, but we will work on the basis of Islamic principles and that doesn’t mean the shallow meaning of religion most people think of like banning women from leaving home. This is not rational.”

At least women will be allowed to leave their homes.

Islamic law will be the main source of legislation.

Egypt is now poised as our enemy. We recently ransomed our NGO workers with a $5 million bond but the Egyptians and other foreigners who helped Americans in the democracy movement were abandoned by us to be tried by the Egyptian kangaroo court. We treat our friends quite badly.

Hamas, a terrorist offshoot of the Brotherhood, rules the Gaza Strip.

Jordan faces opposition from the Islamic Action Front, again, they are the Brotherhood.

The various divisions of the Brotherhood have a different idea of how Islamic law should be implemented, none of them good by U.S. democratic standards. The Salafis, a dangerous and hardline group, are the Brotherhood’s biggest competitors.

When the Brotherhood looks moderate, it’s time to start worrying.

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