WaPo Says It’s Immoral for the Young to Go Without Insurance


WaPo (the Washington Post) had an article in The Plum Line today titled, ‘Why millennials will come around on Obamacare’. It delineated the reasons as to why millenials will buy into health insurance.

They are:

  • Mom and dad will pressure them
  • Going without insurance sucks (WaPo is very cool using the language of the millenials)
  • Millenials aren’t invincible
  • IT’S THE LAW  (even though the young are ‘relatively likely to break the law’, they will ‘eventually play by the rules’, the article states). The author omitted the fact that the LAW also allows them to take the fine over the insurance.
  • Millenials don’t understand subsidies yet (it hasn’t ‘sunk in’, the article states). There’s an unacceptable level of condescension towards the intelligence of the young here.

Aside from all the insults, the WaPo author wants to inflict a guilt trip. He says it’s IMMORAL to not buy insurance.


Is Obama god now? Millenials must buy Obamacare? All must buy into healthcare by, for, and of the collective. It’s a moral imperative.

The author wants the young to feel responsible for paying for the old and sick:

“Getting insurance will be part of living in a decent society where everyone chips in when they can afford it, and free-riding is frowned upon — and over time, young people will come to see this as part of being a responsible citizen.”

What if the youth can’t afford it? What if they don’t buy into this bad healthcare law? The author must be using irony here when he says ‘free-riding is frowned upon’ since all this law is about is free-riding. It redistributes the wealth to people the government deems worthy, many of whom will be people who aren’t pulling their weight for the wrong reasons.

We heard so much about this law allowing the young to stay on their parents’ insurance until they are 26 but now they want the young to pay double and triple on the premiums to pay for people who cost more. That’s moral to leftists?