War on Religion Applies to Catholics Not Muslims


In 2010, an investigation was begun of the Vatican Bank for possible money laundering. The Vatican has said they were perplexed and pledged themselves to financial transparency. Finance police had frozen 23 million euros of the banks funds after two transactions appeared suspicious.

One was a transfer of 20 million euros to a German branch of a U.S. bank and the other was 3 million euros transferred to an Italian bank. The Vatican said it had simply transferred its own money between its own accounts and denied any wrongdoing.

The Vatican has initiated anti-money-laundering legislation which is being debated by the Church hierarchy.

Then documents started leaking out about possible scandals having taken place in the Vatican. The leakers are likely people with axes to grind. One story goes back to 1983 and another is a communication from an insider at the Vatican that says the Pope will be dead by the end of the year. The media insinuated that someone planned to murder the Pope while the obvious fact is that the Pope is 85 and unhealthy. The fact of the leaks is more relevant than the actual petty, gossipy memos and letters.

A prelate of the Vatican inadvertently labeled it Vatileaks and that has helped grow the scandal.

Then the group Anonymous, which gave birth to the occupiers, began hacking into the Vatican computers and crashing their website because they admittedly hate them and all that the religion stands for.

Without evidence, and only suspicions and gossip to go on, the Washington Post paints a picture of a Vatican that money launderers and wants to hide its corrupt awarding of Vatican contracts, mismanaged finances and infighting with a Pope that is upset because it was leaked. The Washington Post is a puppet for Obama.

The Vatican sought European approval for its efforts to ensure its finances are transparent and that its laws to fight money laundering and terror financing meet international norms due to accusations. The decision will be made by June.

A week ago, Holder’s DOJ placed the Vatican on the list of potential money launders, in a report entitled The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. They labeled The Holy See as “of concern,” a middle category.  The State Department said that the Vatican made the list because it is vulnerable to laundering and because it had recently put a program into place to prevent financial abuses.  The Pope said well, at least we didn’t make the worst category.

The financial transactions do need to be explored and that is not my point. My point is the next article in which JP Morgan Chase Milan has told the Vatican to close all its bank accounts because of concerns about a lack of transparency at the Holy See’s financial institution. This comes two weeks after Holder’s DOJ listed The Holy See as “of concern.”

It’s a big blow to the Vatican whose bank has been convicted of nothing.

JP Morgan Chase, so quick to convict the Vatican, is Muslim-friendly and they are Shariah-compliant. This is from their own JP Morgan Chase, Shariah-compliant website –

Islamic Banking

J.P. Morgan is dedicated to developing new products and services that observe and respect Sharia-compliant ethical principles. Our main goal is to provide Islamic banking solutions to clients with increasingly sophisticated financing needs.

By leveraging the firm’s unique structuring platform, J.P. Morgan has developed a range of Sharia-compliant products to address the needs of this growing market. Our Sharia-compliant product offering today spans debt and equity capital markets, investor products, Cash management and Murabaha liquidity products, risk management and asset management funds.

If there are financial irregularities in the banking transactions of The Holy See, they of course need to be investigated. Since the U.S. lists itself as one of  the possible “money-laundering” countries, it is not unrealistic to expect that the Vatican bank would make the list but it never has before, despite previous incidents. The timing of it is interesting as is the timing of Chase’s response.

Chase, big friend to Obama (bailed out by Obama and on his big donor list), dropping their accounts is big news and blatantly meant to discredit. It is a move without foundation or past history to support it. They do not do it to the Muslim banks which harbor the money of terrorists. In fact, they welcome terrorist banks.

Then there is the link to the DOJ, Anonymous and Obama’s war on religion, most notably, the Catholic Church. Do you believe in coincidences?
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