Chinese Calling for War on the South China Sea. Meanwhile Obama Secretly Destroys Our Nuclear Arsenal.


LONDON, Oct. 3 (UPI) – A Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, China’s main international newspaper, called for war against Vietnam and the Phillipines last week. China, you see, wants sovereignty over their mineral-rich seabed.

It carried the headline “The time to use force has arrived in the South China Sea; Let’s wage wars on the Philippines and Vietnam to prevent more wars.”

“The South China Sea is the best place for China to wage wars,” the article said. “Of the more than 1,000 oil rigs there, none belongs to China; of the four airfields in the Spratly Islands, none belongs to China; once a war is declared, the South China Sea will be a sea of fire [with burning oil rigs]. Who will suffer the most from a war? Once a war starts there, the Western oil companies will flee the area, who will suffer the most?””…”the wars should be focused on striking the Philippines and Vietnam, the two noisiest troublemakers, to achieve the effect of killing one chicken to scare the monkeys.”

The article said the U.S. would do nothing because of its war on terror and its economic problems. They left out our weak President who will likely do nothing.

There are several reasons for these novel threats:-

First of all, The Philippines recently arranged talks within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on cooperating and “clarifying consensual and disputed claims in the South China Sea.” They excluded China.

Secondly, India has new agreements to explore for oil in Vietnamese waters, in partnership with Vietnam. Global Times had criticized the Indian approach, saying in an editorial that Vietnam’s efforts to bring in foreign companies to explore for oil amount to a “serious political provocation.”

India then rebutted, “We will proceed with drilling at our block (in the South China Sea) on a schedule established according to our technical convenience,” India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp. announced last month, adding that India’s foreign ministry had told ONGC the area where the oil firm wished to explore was “very much inside Vietnam’s territory.”

Then, last week, Japan and ASEAN, at a meeting of defense officials in Tokyo, strengthened cooperation and consultation on the South China Sea. Japanese Vice Minister of Defense Kimito Nakae said the relationship between Tokyo and ASEAN has “matured from dialogues to one where Japan plays a more specific cooperative role” on a range of regional security issues.”

Nakae also suggested that the recent tensions over oil exploration and military posts in the South China Sea would require more cooperation with the United States and other countries, including India. That must have gone over well. Read more here; Walkers News & Analysis

But, don’t worry, we can’t do anything, we’re cutting our nuclear arsenals until there is nothing. Read here: Obama’s plan to cut U.S. Nuclear arsenal