Warning! Extremely Graphic Planned Parenthood Advice



The following undercover video was produced by Lila Rose, President of Live Action, who is doing terrific work uncovering abuses by Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer subsidized abortion factory. They also give sex ed instruction to youth and you can tell from the video how that is going.

The video is very graphic so be forewarned.

In the video, the Planned Parenthood nurse freely gives advice about sado-masochism and bondage as if it is normal for a 15-year old.

The alleged nurse made a lot of obscene comments. One of them was when she advised the 15-year old that some girls in relationships like to be “spanked”, others want to act like babies and “put on diapers.”

This woman was talking to a child but seemed to not care about that little fact.

Personally, I’m convinced a lot of perverted people are drawn to Planned Parenthood.