Was It Gorilla Murder? We Have the Answer with Updates


Listen to a man who loves this animal, knows it well and knows the gorilla was about to kill the child:

We have updates throughout the article but we would like to mention up front that it does strike one as odd that a living, breathing, moving, aborted baby was not given medical help last week and no one cared. A total of 69 people were shot in Chicago over Memorial weekend and, again, people don’t care, however, there are 13 petitions out on behalf of the gorilla who was shot by zoo officials to save a three year old’s life.

The latest from the Cincinnati prosecutor is that they are investigating the possibility of leveling charges against either the zoo or parents or both. The zoo has passed inspections. The parents are getting death threats though no one knows if they were indeed negligent.

The child’s name is Isaish Dickerson and this is the first picture we could find. Black Lives Matter was about to make a case out of it, blaming white supremacy for the gorilla’s death until they found out the family was black.

Isaiah Dickerson

It is very sad the gorilla was shot, but it’s too easy to Monday morning quarterback. There was no way that child would be alive today if the gorilla had not been shot.

Two of the thirteen petitions on the gorilla’s behalf have 400,000 signatures and are demanding the arrest of the parents though it is still unclear how the child got into the water with the gorilla.

One report on WLWT said the boy crawled through the railing and fell into the moat just before 4 p.m. Saturday.

A child can get lost in seconds and it could happen to anyone.

The newspapers have published the father’s criminal record though there is no connection between that and this event.

Film is now surfacing which is described as showing the gorilla holding the boy’s hand just before he was shot. The very powerful, 400-pound gorilla, however, was dragging the boy wildly by his leg moments before.

Who was going to go in that enclosure without a gun and get that boy – his new toy – out alive?

little boy in gorilla enclosure

WLWT reports that the little boy was hospitalized with serious injuries, not just scrapes and bruises as earlier reported though he was released that evening.

The Mirror, a British tabloid, has film footage of the event with a woman narrating, claiming the gorilla was protecting the boy. There were times when the gorilla was very gentle but other times he was not.

The power of this animal is such that he could crush the boy’s head in a mere fraction of a second. The situation was very dangerous.

The gorilla, Harambe, was dragging the child around, pushed him at one point, was shaken by the noise from above, and people were screaming the little boy was drowning in this video clip.

What you don’t see in the clip is the gorilla climbing with the child’s body banging on the cliff.

This story should be about a child’s life being saved but instead it’s about the gorilla being shot “unfairly”. It’s unfortunate the gorilla died but the good news is the three-year old child lived.

PETA extremists are out demanding gorillas be removed from captivity, despite the remarkably natural living environment they have. PETA has succeeded in getting elephants out of the circus and whales out of Seaworld…next up, gorillas in the zoo.

This gorilla had to die. It was a Silverback male gorilla protecting its family, he was not a protective female that would protect a child.

If a tranquilizer were used, the five to ten minutes it takes to work would cause the angry gorilla to kill the little child.

The gorilla was way too rough with this child. He was about to kill the boy, said a zoo official. The animal is extremely powerful and with the screaming going on, it was about to kill the child with milliseconds left.

This was the human life or the gorilla life.

Imagine if the zoo did nothing and the gorilla crushed the boy’s head as people videotaped? What would the story have been then?

It could have happened anywhere and what was done had to be done.

One of the thirteen petitions on Change.org calls for an investigation into the zoo’s actions, while another calls for the state of Ohio to create “Harambe’s law,” which would hold visitors accountable for actions that lead to the injury or death of an endangered animal at a zoo.

There is no shortage of people who want to control everything.

parents of child
Parents of the little boy who slipped into Harambe’s enclosure.

The mother of the rescued boy released a statement thanking the zoo staff for their quick decision.

“We know that this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. …”

Some are holding candlelight vigils for the gorilla and others are saying he died for white privilege.

Some celebrities are joining in with the outrage. One wanted the gorilla to have a trial.

Then there are the protests forming outside the zoo though zoo officials stand by their decision to save the tot’s life.

people protesting


  1. I suggest some of those PETA people should have been on hand to jump in and distract the gorilla while others rescued the child. That way there would have been no important loss to the world.

    • Please let me respond thanks. Maybe your approach works, but it assumes a lot of things that no one can take the chance on occurring, sorry, God bless.

  2. ‘Murder’ is exclusive to the taking of a human life. For you liberals that means a non-human can only be killed. People who write an article suggesting the gorilla was murdered should be reminded of their stupidity.

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